• Dungeon crawling games can be hit or miss, NIS America has been pretty tied up in this genre for quite some time. Demon Gaze is the newest of these titles where we play as Oz, a young man who wakes up not knowing what happened or who he really is. As the game unfolds we see that he has the ability to capture demon’s souls with his demon gaze and then uses said demons in battles against all the monsters that inhabit the town. He is joined by a bevy of beautiful and very scantily clad characters as he tries to build a party and find out more and more about his previous life. The gameplay is very much a dungeon crawler, here you move around in a maze like labyrinths where you encounter monsters, bosses and demon gates. You can build up your stats by leveling up and there is plenty of loot to equip or sell.

    When you begin this title you must first choose your appearance, race, class , voice and name. These are very well done, as there are five races and seven classes. Each of these is present in male and female counterparts and each look great as they are all hand drawn anime characters. The Human is well balanced and a good choice for new players, the Elf’s make the best wizards, whilst the Dwarfs are best at fighting. There is the Migmy race who are really adept healers and the final race being the Ney’s who make the best samurais and assassins. We then join Oz as he awakens to find himself in a cursed land where monsters rule and demons are all over the place. Using the help of a veteran demon gazer called Lorna we learn the ropes of how to fight and capture demons using our demon gaze.

    We are then given an introduction to all including the Manager, she is a lovely lady, there is something different about her though. The Dragon Princess Inn that she runs is the hub of this game. Here you do everything from revive fallen team mates, gather quests, buy items and weapons, talk to characters and build up your relationships and progress the story. When you return here after a long days adventuring you also have to pay rent, the amount is based on the size of your party and how high your level is. If you don’t pay you won’t be allowed all the services of the inn.

    Once you go to the entrance you can go forth and hunt down demons.  There are six areas overall and you are given access as the story unfolds. Moving through dungeons is done in forward, backwards and side to side, no diagonals here folks. Once you encounter a monster your party will begin, this is a turn based fighting system where you choose your command and then watch how the battle unfolds. You can attack, defend, use a skill, an item, run or summon a demon you have to help you in the battle. This aspect is very important as the demon has a finite amount of time it can attack and once this is reached the demon will go into a rage and you have to fight and capture it again. So keep an eye on that demon gauge and make sure to close the demon when it hits 1 or you’re in trouble.

    Whilst this may sound like a boring game, I can confirm its really not. The battle system works very well as you can just press triangle and the previous instructions are carried out. The various skills and items all must be used very strategically as you need your healers to heal and the fighter to be supported. Adding the demon summon ability adds another level to tactics and there is even elemental matchups and weakness to be thought of during play. You can equip weapons with various abilities and elemental skills. The basic receipe of play revolves around finding demon gates, placing gems to summon monsters, defeat said monsters and control the gate. Once all gates are controlled a demon key gate is opened and here you fight the demon to try and capture its soul and add it to your collection.

    Demon Gaze Review

    I liked this formula because you can cater the type of loot you can get as placing different gems will force the monsters to drop that kind of loot. For example, placing a sword gem makes them drop, yes, you guessed it, swords. There are 16 different kinds of gems and there are six special gems which summon stronger monsters, better loot and more rewards. One aspect I didn’t like was during fights there isn’t a finite supply of monsters so depending on how quick you are the legion of monsters will grow and you begin to get frustrated as everyone you kill another spawns in the background. This genre of game will not appeal to all as there is a lot of text and planning to get through before fighting.

    For the dungeon crawler fan however this is a real treat, I enjoyed the anime characters and the story is handled very well. The gameplay and battles play out at a good pace whilst the musical score is truly haunting sometimes and adds a lot to the overall package of the game. I am enjoying this title and it is one that is very well suited for the PS Vita. This is a game that really lends itself perfectly to be played with on the go. Just be careful when playing on the tube as there are a few naughty scenes that all will not enjoy.  I found them to be hilarious but I can see some frowning on the raunchy images and scripts. Give Demon Gaze a try and with an open mind I’m sure you will enjoy it.

    Demon Gaze - Review
    An unexpectedly great title with a lot of depth and charm.
    • Great characters and very well paced story
    • The battles are surprisingly fun and deep
    • Enemies keep coming, leads to slight frustration
    • This will not appeal to all gamers
    8Overall Score
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