• Even though this game is coming at the end of the PlayStation 4 life-cycle, this is easily the best arcade racer available. You also have the option of the free upgrade to PlayStation 5, so Codemasters racing has you covered. I’m reviewing this on the PlayStation 4. So far I’ve spent over 30 hours with this beast and I have loved every single hour of it. There are so many different car variations, the backgrounds, huge stadiums and the different race modes. This game truly has everything, also don’t forget the multiplayer because it’s a hell of a fun time. Especially as local split screen is included.

    The best place to start is to talk about the various race types, which include icebreaker, ultra cross, land rush, sprint, Pathfinder, Gymkhana and Stampede. These are all varied and fun though my least favourite has to be the icebreaker, slipping and sliding all over the place, very little grip not fun dammit. Though to be fair after a little bit of practice I did really well in this one as well. My most favourite is Pathfinder, here is you against the elements in a truly off-road and fantastic race against the time. There’s so many jumps and twists and turns and the environments look stunning here. The career mode is where you want to begin as this is where the meat of the game is, here you begin with events which are the various race modes above. There are also throwdown is in which you race against the top racer for that event, there’s also a sponsors tab with various sponsors for your career they all have different perks and abilities and race pay. I was loyal and stayed with Codemasters, however there are many including beats by Dr. Dre, Good year, Michelin, monster energy and even Sparco.

    Other modes include the arcade mode here you have the ability of free play or time trial. In free play mode you choose the location, the class, the weather and how many other racers you want as well as event difficulty. The locations vary from Brazil, China, Greece, Italy, South Africa and America. The different classes range from modern rally, classic rally, 80s rally 90s rally and unlimited. The time trial mode is very similar but here you have the addition of global leaderboards and your friends online and you can choose which event to go after. For car enthusiasts there’s also a garage mode in which you can look at all the various cars in your collection from all the different classes available, and these all look beautiful. It’s clear to see why the guys at Codemasters racing have such an amazing reputation for detail.

    My most favourite part is the playground mode. Here you can play all of the crazy tracks that other gamers have created. Let me tell you some of these are absolutely mental of man that is super fun. Once you finish you can either report, retry, skip, less of this or say more of this. It’s a very good way to increase what you want to see and decrease what you don’t want to see. You even get a trophy, a silver trophy for just saying if you like it or not. Also you can create your own tray ground level and the toll is actually very simple to use. When you go into this mode you have a create, test, set vehicle, save, validate and publish or go to the editor settings. The creator is actually very easy to use and very intuitive, I’ve had so much fun creating my crazy Gymkhana levels and I can’t wait for you guys to try out. For all you budding photographers there’s also a photo mode here in which you can take images of your track and your car whilst it’s jumping through or doing all the crazy stunts.

    A racing game lives and dies by it’s mechanics, namely racing mechanics, how the car grips the various environments and the graphics as well as sound. The different classes of cars are all fun to drive and all behave differently. The big boys are slow and plod along but with incredible power. The smaller cars are nimble and fly around each corner like demons. All of them grip the various tracks and environments beautifully with all the weather effects, lighting affects and various fireworks looking fabulous. There’s not a lot of things I can fault in this game, I’m just imagining how this will look on the PlayStation 5 had a higher resolution and higher frame rate. If I had to pick a fault with this it would be loading times, however based on what I’m reading and seeing PlayStation 5 will basically eliminate this.

    Dirt 5 is unapologetically fun, it’s a boost of adrenaline in a dark time. Whilst the campaign mode is a little bit shallow in that there are just races, this is a much more arcade type game. It’s ticked all the boxes it wanted to and I can highly recommend this as it’s just all out balls to the wall fan from start to end. Only a few minor negative points in regards to loading times but this will not take away from the enjoyment you will have I’m so far I have been able to put this down. Dirt 5 is highly recommended by us, so go get it now.

    Dirt 5- Review
    Overall score9
    9Overall Score

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