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    Quake, DOOM and Wolfenstein. These are names that any gamer will know and if your old as hell like me then you will have played the very first incarnations of these titles. Wolfenstein was released to critical acclaim and we hoped the same for DOOM. What I can say is that the campaign is a homage to old school shooters whilst mixing with new gameplay mechanics. Sadly the multiplayer is not that great, slow and clunky and not looking anywhere near as good as the single player. However the single player campaign is fast, fluid, goory and wonderfully chaotic. This is the same speed as the older games and all the weapons are on point. The soundtrack is wonderful and really adds to the package greatly. This is a fantastic revamp for DOOM.

    Let’s start with the campaign, we awake to an operating theatre where we are strapped in. We break free then get a gun, shoot a couple demons to get a hang of shooting then walk forward and there is the iconic armour suit. We learn that the facility has been overrun by demons because of the experiment the UAC was running on Mars to solve the energy crisis of the galaxy. Guess how? By harvesting the energy of hell and converting to something usable? Easy right? As with all the stories they are inconsequential and there just for fun. DOOM is about action and killing demons. The pace is fast from the start, your movements are fast, jumping is fast and killing can be very fast.
    The new gameplay mechanic is called the ‘Glory Kill’ this is a melee attack that rips the demons apart and gives you a little health in the process. You need to damage the demons enough so they glow orange and then press the rick stick down and presto. It’s highly satisfying and a good way to break up the gun play. Also in times of low health you can leave a few grunts running around as health pods when you need to get a quick fix. The tradition ammo, health and armour pickups are present and they even make the same sound when picked up (love it).

    All of the guns and mods you can get by passing a few quests in each missions. These mods are in the form of quick fire, rocket launcher, burst mode and so on. They are very useful and can be switched on the fly as you play. For the first time there are points to get, there is an upgrade system and a ton of secrets to find. This puts the emphasises on exploration as well as all-out attack. The upgrades can be applies to Health, Armour or ammunition, there is also suit and weapon upgrades. It’s an interesting system and for me it really works well. The secret areas give you modules which you use to gain abilities like higher resistance to the environment, a great radius for secret finding in the map.


    There are also a few other additions namely runes and their challenges. When activated you go to a different section of the game where you have to meet challenges like shoot X barrels or defeat these enemies using only X type of weapon. These are tough but have great rewards like the ability to pick up items while they are further away from you than normal. Maps are very well made with the coloured key cards making an appearance. It’s actually bloody hard getting them and then coming back and forth all the time. The one bad thing about the design is the demon rooms, basically you have to clear the rooms of all the demons before the doors are opened, and this is fine but after a while can get a bit tedious. Luckily since the shooting is so damn good I never found it a chore more a rock filled joy. Multiplayer as mentioned above is dire so I won’t go into that again.

    The final part to go over is the snapmap, this is a basic map editor where you can design your own levels and publish them. You can play other people’s creations and man there are some sick people out there. There are tutorials and even a wiki page so don’t worry they have you covered. Be wary as the loading times are a dog pile of annoyance. Graphics here are lush, the dark areas are perfectly fitted, shadows and textures look great. The weapons are lovingly created with the demons (especially bosses) looking beastly. This is a very pretty game, even though it’s all about blood and gore.

    Altogether DOOM is a great example of an old school game coming into the new generation. Core mechanics are solid and the pace is frenetic. Multiplayer feels very much like everything other one out there. The graphics are lovely, story wise it’s a non-entity but do you really play a DOOM game for the story? This is a must buy for fans.

    DOOM- Review
    A thrill ride from the moment you break out of the operating bed
    Our Score8.5
    • Lovely to look at, smooth to play and gory
    • Lots of great weapons with epic level design
    • Multiplayer blows
    8.5Overall Score
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