• Bioware have been known to release games with great stories, buggy events and decent looking packages. It’s also true to say that when they make games with choices, the choices are always important and actually have effects on the outcome of both the story and the way various characters interact with you. When you load up Dragon Age Inquisition you will be asked if you want to import a world state, this allows for a whole new story tailored to yourself and with over 300 different aspects to tweak and change there is something very impressive about it. Another number I would like to throw out there is 100. That is the number of hours needed to finish this title.

    The story here is very vague at best, slow pace at the start but it does build up very slowly. A massive event has caused a tear in the Fade, this causes an explosion that not only kills many people at a time when peace talks were happening between the Mages and the Templars. What’s worse is that demons have been seen escaping these rifts and our character is smack bang in the middle. Glow green hand and with no memory we are accused of causing the event. We then realize that our green hand can close tears and it’s up to us and allies to traverse the land closing tears, investigating, kicking ass and generally being great.

    What I really liked about the story is that we are the focus, everything that happens is around us, because of us or we make it happen. Even though our characters is the main guy the cast is also amazing, the allies we have all have really nice dialogue, well written and delivered well. Combat here is split in two phases, firstly you can be in third person mode and let your allies fight as they will and you go in swords blazing, shooting off spells or arrows depending on what class you choose. Then you realize you can switch to any other character on the fly which opens up more choice and gives you more ways to play. All the while immersing you further and deeper into the world.

    The second facet of combat is the tactical camera.  This is where you cause pause the game mid battle and issue commands. You can move everyone to where you want whether it be defensive, offensive or heal who you like. This aspect is also a bit clunky as the camera does have a mind of its own. This tactical camera and man management allows you to turn the game into the type of game you like, either tactical or combat heavy or a mix of both. Bioware have made a great decision by not going for an open world but giving us tons of hub worlds which then lead to other massive areas. This is very good as there is a real mix of arenas, massive open areas or small claustrophobic areas to explore.

    Explore really is the main word for this game as it took me 67 seconds to walk in any direction before I hit something that needed investigation or fighting. Once you become an Inquisitor you will spend a lot of time with your advisors at the War Table. Here you will dispatch diplomats, soldiers or even spies to help build power. This power builds influence and ultimately lets your group of warriors go further into the different lands. The more missions you complete the more power you get and the more areas you unlock. It’s a clever move because it means you won’t enter an area that you are not experienced enough for and therefore won’t die in a second.

    The Frostbite engine is used to stunning effect here, as the vistas look lush. The arid deserts, the fertile forests, the lands and castles all look fantastic. Snow looks soft yet slippery. It’s all complemented by the character models and animations although I did find attacking slow, the actual attacks themselves are rigid at times and slow to start off. Over time however the pacing will get better and you will be able to fluidly attack, switch targets and all the while admiring how good it looks when you take down an enemy. Not only is the single player a treat the multiplayer is nothing to sniff at.

    You can team up with friends and take on waves of enemies, build a new character and have them dive head on. You can also upgrade skills and earn stat buffs, but as I said above it’s all a bit slow and when taken to a multiplayer experience it may yet feel slower to some casual gamers stepping in the world for the first time. Dragon Age Inquisition is a mix between the two games before it and Bioware has done a great job in bringing the best from both to this. There are new additions, upgrades, synergies and combining attacks of allies. The multiplayer is fun but nothing amazing, what is truly deep is the shear amount of things to do. Even though the hubs are huge and the many maps on offer equally as large, you never run out of something to do, this is not even filler its actually meat. Slaying Dragons, using the tactical camera and just exploring has really never been this fun or this detailed. A must buy for fans of this genre and pretty much all gamers.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition- Review
    Beautiful to look at, detailed to the teeth and very long.
    Our Score9
    • Great graphics that really have you stand and stare sometimes.
    • Right balance between all character classes.
    • Just look at the tactical camera, oh wait the angle is wrong. Wonky camera angle at times during combat.
    9Overall Score
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