• A few months ago we had the pleasure to review Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, it scored very well for its high intensity fights, great roster of characters and the improvements it had made from the first game. We have got our hands on the first DLC for this and it’s pretty damn great. The question is will it satisfy gamers? And can it justify the cost? For me both of these are a yes but read further and judge for yourself.

    If you are a fan of the Dragon Ball universe you will know the newest anime out is called Dragon Ball Super. This DLC adds all the Super based items, quests and characters to the roster. The first of these characters is called Cabba, he is a Saiyan with spiky hair (of course) and wearing the traditional armour. The next character I want to touch on is called Frost and as the name suggests he is from Frieza’s race. I would describe him as a mix of Frieza and Cooler. During combat I found both of them to be handy if not stunning in their movements. They have the usual Ultimate attacks and the normal ones. Visually the ultimate attacks are lovely to see and to pull off.

    Do you want to learn some fresh moves for your avatar? Well you can with some training from the new mentor whose name is Hit. He will teach you a few new moves of these my favoured being Time Skip. I won’t spoil what it does but the name says it all. The only issues is I believe you need to be at Max Level Super training otherwise he won’t train you. Lucky for me I am.

    The main chunk of this DLC is however based around the new quests. There are 3 quests here all based around Universe 6 and 7. These I can attest are very hard, even with a friend I still found them testing me a lot. It’s good though, I want to be tested and need that challenge. There is also one quest where we play with the two new characters and what follows is a fight that will destroy your fingers and thumb.

    For me this is a great addition to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and one fans will love. Casual gamers may not be sold on this but if you are after a challenge then the quests included here are worth the cost. It’s a minimal cost for a good few quests and some decent characters. If you liked the game and need a new fresh take then go ahead and get this. This DLC adds some more longevity and for me that’s great as I’m enjoying my time with this title.

    Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2: DB Super Pack 1 DLC- Review
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