• I have been watching Dragon Ball since before anime was even famous in the west. I have DVDs that are older than most fans so its pretty hard to surprise me when it comes to the Dragon Ball universe and the stories. What Xenoverse does very well is put us in various battles in the history of Dragon Ball and asks us to correct the battles outcomes. There is a mysterious force that is changing these outcomes and we must, as Time Patrollers, put things right. I found this to be a fresh take on the reason to battle and actually its very solid. This is very much a “What if” universe and fans of that comic will really be excited. This is a homage to the Dragon Ball universe and fans will love the various nods to the history and indeed the subtle tweaks in what could have been if X had won instead of Y. For me the best aspect is that I could play as my own character.  You choose from a selection of five races (Saiyans, Nemekians, Human and even Majin) and I of course choose the Saiyans which gave myself red skin and yellow glowing eyes. The whole point of this is that you can choose your skill set, moves, costumes and even voice. This is a great move because it causes us to feel a part of the universe and as such we want to help and restore order.

    Once we start our adventure we learn of the story and how we relate to the world, we time patrol, which means we use the scroll of eternity to fix irregularities in time. These irregularities could be an evil villain trying to change the course of a battle or other forces at work. Apart from the time patrol missions there are also parallel quests, once you register at the counter you can fight in “Runaway fragments” and need to destroy the enemies causing these fragment irregularities. Doing these missions will give you item and clothes and the robots will also reward you based on performance. These parallel quests have gates inside them which will transport you to other areas. What I really like about these quests is the ability to fight with up to two supporting characters with either friends online or PQ registration offline mode. During battles you can also revive fallen allies, simply go into the circle and as you revive a gauge will fill up slowly. Be careful as you can still be attacked in this circle too. When you have explored the city enough and want to get back into the story missions simply go to Trunks at the Time nest and accept a new time patrol missions.

    This is a RPG, a fighter and an action title. It’s very difficult to brand it as just one genre too, for me that’s another good move. I know some fans just wanted an all out brawler but I’m glad there is a lot more variation than that here. Toki Toki city is where you will talk to others, train, gain experience outside battle and explore sections such as the industrial sector and the fabled time machine. Moving around the city your controller settings change. You can use emotes with the Right Bumper, check player information with the Y button. Speaking is mapped to the A button whilst getting to the all-important lobby menu is done with the menu button. The right trigger brings up the map which is very useful, especially if you get lost. Talking to the NPCs you can initiate events and get valuable information.

    Our first fight is to help Goku and Piccolo to destroy Raditz. Immediately I am reminded of the very same episode from Dragon Ball Z. The environment is perfect, the fighting fast and furious but never chaotic or unorganized. I can see all the fighters engaging and then when I move in to fight, I can fight and get my hits in. There is a very deliberate hit detection and unlike other fighter games you can feel the strikes as you land. After your first fight you can then use all the shops in the industrial sector. These include, gifts, items, clothes and other fun toys. The fighting mechanics are lovely up to a point, when there are more than a few fighters on screen it sometimes is a little difficult to home in on one guy but using the lock on feature its much better

    Fighting is mapped to the face buttons, there are melee attacks, power attacks and of course the special moves and the super moves. There is a health bar, stamina and ki gauges, each of these is used for different things. Special moves use your ki, while drains every time you block and use an evasive skill. The more you practice the better you get as you can learn how to learn combos together and string massive hits together. I love using the special beam cannon, the Kamehameha, the spirit bomb and others. During battles you can use the scouter, which searches for enemies, even those behind walls. This will show their stats and give you an edge during battle. To be able to use all of these and have them look this great is a fan’s dream. What I really enjoy is the ability to transform on the fly and get to super Saiyan 2,3 and even the GT forms. The whole point to fighting is to reach these forms and unleash the gargantuan power that these fighters have.

    On the Xbox One this looks delicious, the art style drawings and the manga look are captured perfectly. There is no frame rate issues at all and even with a ton of fighters on screen everything runs smoothly. The online features are where this title shines, playing mission with friends or even just random people online is fun. Online battles against random people may infuriate some as some people just spam attacks and keep deflecting everything.  With patience though they can be beaten. The other bad points are that it’s not an all-out brawler as some wanted and sometimes it gets slightly frustrating trying to get to your opponent.  For me though this is a wonderful title, perfectly released on the Xbox One and with the new story twists and the mysterious power at work this will keep gamers hooked for a very long time. This is pure Dragon Ball gold and I can recommend it very much.

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse - Review
    A fresh take on the universe created by Akira Toriyama that is beautifully presented and plays really smoothly.
    Our Score8
    • A huge cast of characters, super forms and great fighting mechanics
    • The side missions are just as fun as the story missions
    • Some fans wanted an all-out brawler and it can get annoying sometimes getting to your enemy when they are far away.
    8Overall Score
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