• Atlus not only has one dungeon crawler experience this month, but two. However, this one is more of an Aquaplus variety. Being a spin-off of the “To Heart 2” series, Dungeon Travelers 2 decides to add a little monster girl and some fan-service elements to the mix. While there is a nice core game experience from developer Sting, there are some shortcomings that likely weren’t addressed from it’s original PSP release.

    Dungeon Travelers 2 is actually a port of the PSP release from 2013. The game is a sequel, but it has it’s own self-contained story, making it easier to get over the fact that this is the second game in the series. The story is about a class of people called Libras, whose job is to seal the monsters that run rampant through the land. Together with a monster suppression team, Fried has to explore the dungeons to get rid of the monsters. While you only start off with two party members, it will eventually balloon to 16, with five being active in your battle party. Dungeons are traversed in the traditional first person perspective, with battles playing out similarly to other traditional turn-based JRPG’s. It’s pretty low-budget visually but the real meat of the game is in the act of dungeon crawling itself. True to old school fashion, there are traps and equipment that needs to be identified before you can use it. Even if it’s in a chest and the contents are always the same. Borrowing a bit from Etrian Odyssey, the game has an auto-map function that’s built in. There aren’t any floor jumping features like from the Untold series, and there aren’t many shortcuts in comparison. One twist that sets Dungeon Travelers 2 apart from Etrian is that every monster is female. The game also dips a bit into fan-service at times. Especially once you defeat a boss, where you are treated to a visual that shows the boss in a compromising position of some kind, without much explanation. Another cool feature is that when you defeat enough of a particular type of monster, you can make a seal-book from them, getting that monster’s info, which can be viewed at anytime. The book can also be equipped as a passive stat boost.

    It’s a good thing that there’s a decent game in there aside from the previously mentioned fan-service though. The skill progression system is varied enough that you will be able to find which set-ups work better than others. Of course, there are some chinks in this game’s armor. For one, the class re-spec option while good has some side-effects due to the way its exp distribution typically works. Level reset points are done in increments starting from 1, 15, 30, 50, up to 90. The problem is that the re-spec option is heavily geared toward late game. Doing it earlier like at level 30 back to 15 will see your character lag behind the others. This is largely due to the game not scaling experience per level, per character. So you could end up making your overall party weaker at times, making grinding necessary. Grinding in the mid-game isn’t difficult though, as most enemies still have low EXP yields. In some cases it might be better to re-spec right after getting to a reset threshold. The last issue is that benched characters also do not level up, so even more grinding might be required, unless you constantly cycle them out. The quests you can do are typically pitiful and don’t offer party exp, which could have helped the EXP issue. Although higher rank quests do have some nice equipment and items to earn. You can only do two at a time though.

    The game has some decent music, and the voice acting is Japanese only. Despite some issues which apparently weren’t resolved from the PSP version and a localization featuring some dated jokes, Dungeon Travelers 2 is still a fun game for dungeon crawling and JRPG fans; as long as you can tolerate some of the fan-service bits.

    Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library and the Monster Seal - Review
    A fun dungeon crawler with simple dungeon crawling gameplay but an interesting skill system that is the main draw of the game, aside from the monster girl and fan service aspects.
    Our Score7.5
    • Fun dungeon crawling.
    • Skill progression system offers a great deal of variety.
    • If you reset your levels, grinding back up to the point you reset is hard, as experience is scant.
    7.5Overall Score
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