• After two years of making sub par F1 games Codemasters has come back with a pretty good one. The small changes that may have made a world of difference to the actual game itself it controls much cleaner, it looks better and altogether it’s a more complete package. This is definitely the best F1 2016 game out.

    The best place to start is the career mode. You create a racer sign up for a team and spend a lot of time between sessions in the lounge at your computer and fun. You make choices on your laptop talk to your agent and engineer and check messages. What I liked about this aspect was the fact that I could see a lot of famous faces in the background I could talk to my teammates and gave me a real sense of emotion. Other modes include the online mode or just get into the re-creation of the 2016 championship that is taking place. There is also a playlist where you can add tracks that you want and create your own playlist.


    What I like about this is when you start your given a desk of phone and you have to manage your life. Your engineer and agent come up to the give you a pep talk and then you have to get started. To me this represents a step up because in the last game is all we had was an inbox to deal with this is really good because it made me feel in control and gave me all the options I wanted much easier than the menus. As in previous games there are upgrades you can have when you unlock when you fulfill certain race requirements.

    Then we have the practice sessions and the free practice sessions in particular have had a massive change. There is now reason for you to drive through all the laps possible setting aside three separate laps to get your challenge and for you to learn the car and the balance of the movement of the vehicle. There is a new term called the track acclimatisation which means you have to drive through virtual gates that the place in the racing line if you do this correctly you get points and if you do enough of these in a row you get a good consistency bonus these points total to car upgrades if you can beat a target score.

    Once you get past the practice it is down to qualifying. This is where the handling is really evident. What I like so far is that there are no driving aids so it’s an nightmare to drive out of medium to low speed corners combine that with high curbs and the slippery asphalt or the grass area and you have a recipe for disaster. The best thing to use the steering wheel the force feedback and the actual way the steering wheel handles is perfectly suited to this game. I used two different steering wheels and it was recognised instantly. The next aspect I want to cover is the artificial intelligence. This has to be one of the best in the series I have played. The drivers are very clever and they’ve got a lots of ingenious techniques to stop you from overtaking. Then there are the drivers that finished 20th and there are little bit on the stupid sign they let you drive past with no problems. The aggression has also been turned up a little bit which means the drivers are very happy to crash into you and make you start all the way from the back.

    Graphics on F1 2016 are very nice to look at their very pretty with bright colours. They are not the same as Forza Horizon two however and there’s a little bit of detail lacking. Whilst the vistas look very nice in life like some of the people look a bit blocky and when you go past at pace they still look not right. This sound in F1 2016 is very good. The engines her like a jungle cat. The crowds cheer. The tires screech and altogether it’s a wonderful package. Multiplayer is an amazing thing here. 22 player races I have had very little glitches and it runs very smoothly.

    Overall F1 2016 is much better than the last two games. It creates a much better overall package and you feel a higher level of emotion. The various options on show on detailed and vast enough for any gearhead. Using outside peripherals like steering wheels is a slice of cake. The career mode is as massive or as short as you want, you can choose the laps, driving aids and all other fun aspects to your own play style. It is very clear F1 2016 has been made by fans who love the sport, finds to enjoy this kind of gaming genre will absolutely love this. Casual gamers was also love this as they can play with their friends or go online. Graphics are not mind blowing but they are very pretty to look at, and the tracks themselves are lovingly recreated. I would recommend this to all racing fans as it is the best F1 game currently out.

    F1 2016- Review
    The best F1 2016 out now, complete with all the bells and whistles.
    Our Score8.5
    • Great graphics and driving physics
    • Atmosphere is much deeper and more immersive
    • Few glithces and bugs
    8.5Overall Score
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