• You like F1? Do you like video games? Then you need to buy F1 2017, it’s probably the best F1 game I played its glorious in many ways. There are some slight issues as with all racing games but these don’t take away from the overall package. This is a game made by fans for the fans, casual gamers will enjoy this as well as gearheads. The graphics are just pretty and as always presented immaculately. The sounds of the engines and all the cars going past you are all spot-on. It’s clear a lot of love has gone into this game.


    The career mode is where you should start and it’s here where some new depth has been added. We now see the drivers life away from the track as well as on it. This may be as simple as talking to the pit crew or managing the business side it’s a small addition but it increases the immersion factor and it makes you think about the actual process a lot more. I also like the fact that the game gives you a rival team mate and you get more points and experience if you beat this person, again this is a small addition but one that actually makes you want to race and better your team mate.

    Obviously all of the mechanical and as static tweaks won’t help again if the racing is not what you would expect it to be. The car mechanics and the physics have been improved as has the handling. There are also lots of old school cars available which would give fans some nostalgia. The problem with these cars is that your only be able to use these cars in a selection of events throughout the career mode. The cars perform differently depending on what you do with the mechanics of the engine the body and the wheels. You can understeer or oversteer, the handling can get better and worse everything can be changed based on the tweaks you undertake in the garage. The AI is however slightly easier than past years which is a blessing but this can also be adjusted.

    Graphically this is probably the best version of this game with the lighting affects and shadows particularly great. The night races have always been my favourite and once again they are a joy to driving. The game features different layouts of all the tracks on this year’s calendar, so you’ll also have some extra variation. And Codemasters has also included a night time version of Monaco, which is nice.The tracks look very good but as with all F1 games after a while they can all merge into the same thing. The graphics on the speed sections are handled well and the frame rate never drops. The various characters you interact with our well done with all the facial movements and voices correct, for the most part.

    I found this to be a very good update to a solid racing game, if you are a F1 fan you will have already bought this game. This is probably one of the most forgiving and welcoming F1 games and as a casual gamer this should really be your entry point but with other racing games coming out in a next few months like Project Cars 2 and GT Sport its hard to see casual gamers going after this. Due to the fact it has to be made in a year there are some comprises which must be made. Overall I have had fun with this title and can recommend it to all fans not just F1 fans.

    F1 2017- Review
    The most welcoming F1 game in years
    Our Score8
    • Fun racing
    • Tons of tweaks can be made
    • Some issues of texture poping
    8Overall Score
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