• It’s that time again formula 1 racing fans. F1 2019 is out and boy is it good. I would go so far as to say this is the best formula 1 racing game currently out. There are so many bells and whistles attached to this game that it just truly boggles the mind. If you are a formula 1 racing fine this is a no-brainer, go and buy right now and fully immerse yourself in the most realistic formula 1 racing simulator available.

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    Right off the bat we start with the new additions i.e. the addition of legendary Formula One drivers: Alan Prost and Ayrton Senna, both of these guys were known for their ultra competitive forms of driving and their immense talent. They had one of the most iconic rivalries in the history of motorsport. Another new addition is the upgrade in graphics versus the 2018 game. Somehow they’ve managed to make the game even more realistic feeling and even more so the lighting and weather dynamics have improved further. The next big addition is the F2 series. Finally Codemasters has listened to fans and added the F2 cars as well as the F1.

    F2’s main involvement in this game is the career mode where you have the chance to have a your own rivalry with a teammates and another fictional driver. These guys stay with you throughout your whole journey going from a rookie to become a formula one superstar champion. Career mode is where the meat of this game is and there is a ton to do here, there are 10 seasons, yes 10 seasons. You have the usual backroom staff, pitstop details, press conferences and other people to speak to. I especially like the contract negotiations and how much the team values your ability. If they think you’ve got the potential to be a champion and they like your racing your deal will be so much better. As all F1 racing games F1 2019 is a pretty hard game to get to grips with if you’re a novice to this kind of racing game. I would highly recommend you going to practice and just drive around to different weather conditions and see how far you can push the cars. One aspect that will help this difficulty immensely is the inclusion of a scaled difficulty slider. This will met casual gamers and more hard-core gamers choose how hard they need this game to be. From an online point of view F1 give slightly more than the previous game.

    You’ve got a ranking system here which lets players get matched up to other players that have the same racing etiquette, if then you’re a safe driver you’ll be matched up with safe drivers. If you’re a crazy driver you’ll be matched up with all the crazy drivers like you. One thing I found very surprising about this was the fact that it’s released two months earlier than the previous games which when you take into account all of the changes and improvements Codemasters has put in this game, it’s nothing short of amazing. The sounds in this game are so much better than last years as you can really hear the talk and the engines growl as they go through straits, and all the downshifters and gays working as you go through corners and apex. But don’t think this is just about your own personal driving as the constructors championship is also up for grabs so you need to think about team play. The team doesn’t really care who is in front as long as one of you guys are in front. Of course we know it’s very difficult to let your team may go in front of you and I never would because I always want to be number one. All of that officially license drivers, cars and tracks are here of course.

    Taking everything into account with the car choices, the track options, the rivalry with those two legendary drivers, the improved graphics, the ability and difficulty slider and overall polish of the game I have to say this is pretty close to perfect. If you’re a Formula One racing fan you must buy this and you must get online I’ll be waiting for you.

    F1 2019- Review
    The best F1 sim out there, bar none.
    Our Score9
    • Great graphical improvements
    • F2!!!!!!
    • texture pop ins and out
    9Overall Score
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