• Vintage porn, I searched a guy I just killed and found on his person one vintage porn. This is the level of fun that Far Cry 4 has to offer. Birth control, spoons, statues, pens, anything you can think of you will find on people you kill or bodies you come across. There is a good story here, not an amazing one but good none the less. However Far Cry 4 encourages you to explore, break the rules and do anything you like. This is what makes this game great, jump on a mini helicopter, shoot animals, bandits as you hoover over. Jump out of the helicopter and use your wing suit to glide down and take two guys down from above. Then ride your elephant into a camp and totally destroy it. All of these and much more is at your fingertips. Not to mention the gorgeous graphics and multiplayer options.

    Far Cry 4 is built on an improved version of the same graphics engine (Dunia) that the previous title was on. If you look at the mission structure, narrative and even upgrades you may be forgiven to think it’s a DLC of Far Cry 3, however that is wrong. This is like the previous title but on steroids, everything is bigger, more animals, missions, towers, vehicles, plants and the map is just massive. This is a game where unpredictability is the seller. I was on the way to a tower when I got jumped by two guards, after which a tiger attacked me and if that wasn’t enough I had a karma mission to undertake, pretty much all at the same time.

    People that say this is a Far Cry 3 spin off have not spent any real time with it, so far I have over 30 hours and its amazing fun. The story is ok, you play as Ajay Ghale, the son of the former badass that lived and kicked ass on Kyrat. We join Ajay as he is on a bus going to Kyrat to scatter the ashes of the departed. We then get rushed, soldiers take us out and we are introduced to the glorious mad man known as Pagan Min. We sit down as he tells us how he knew our parents and was even in love with our mother. Then we discover he’s a megalomaniac who rules with jokes and an iron fist. We then join the Golden Path rebel group and decide who’s missions we want to take.

    This is very much a choose your own action game; there are few rules and its up to you how to tackle missions. For example taking control of camps or towers, you can ride in with your elephant, fly over head with a helicopter, throw bait to attract wild animals, go in guns blazing or slowly sneak past and stealth everyone to death. It truly is a different experience every time you explore an area. There are hidden locations everywhere and the more you do the more you want to do. It’s a highly addictive title as I have found it’s a complete time sink. Did I mention during any event you can also call in for support?

    If you play online you can also have your friend join in and help you out. This is a blast as you can flank, use different tactics or just go mental. With one friend I flew the helicopter overhead, threw bait down and watched the tiger kill all whilst my friend was sneaking past and climbing up to the tower. If team play is your thing then Far Cry 4 has you covered with 5 vs. 5 combat.  There are three modes here and whilst none of these are massively new they are all very fun. In another great move the map editor is back and playing on the maps people have designed is wonderful.

    The ideas and time taken to create these maps is great, playing through them is a joy. This feature really adds a lot of longevity (not that it needs it). There are a lot of crappy maps out there but there is a rating system and as Macho Man says “The cream will rise to top.”  There are some issues in the form of AI oddities, frame rate drops and little texture pooping occurrences. These however never take away from the fun and mayhem that is Far Cry 4. I haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s possible, swimming, climbing, the upgrade system all are aspects which are great fun.

    You can dive down and find hidden chests to loot, items and even underwater animals that will kill you. You can Use plants to build syringes and climb up mountains if you don’t want to fly up. You will visit different environments, snowy ones too. This is a great example of a game where you choose your own path, go at your own pace and progress the story as you want. Graphically it is beautiful, vehicles, weapons and everything in between is detailed and very satisfying. Even killing and skinning animals for pouches and bait is fun, wrong but very fun. Buy this if you enjoy video games, guns or life in general.

    This review was conducted on code sent to us by the nice people over at Xbox.

    Far Cry 4 - Review
    A mental, hectic, gloriously fun game.
    Our Score9.3
    • Fun, fun and more fun and vintage porn.
    • Exploring is very much encouraged and its where the best missions are found.
    • Cynics will argue is a Far CRY 3 DLC, slight frame rate drops .
    9.3Overall Score
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