• How many of you have ever wanted to go into farming? Probably not many, but the whole farming experience has always interested me and to be able to play a farming simulator game is pretty great for me. Farming simulator 15 not only looks great but plays better, this is a very realistic simulation of farming and all the various chores and roles you need to cover to be a success. You are dropped into an established farm in the Nordic country and given a pretty conclusive tutorial. It’s simple to learn and most of the controls for the various machines are similar so it’s easy to get a hang of.

    I do suggest everyone undertake this tutorial as its very daunting if you don’t. When the learning is over its time to have fun. There is no story here and no zombies to kill, simply plan your day and go about your normal farming life. This is totally a real simulator where you are the boss, do as little or as much as you want. Jumping in and out of vehicles is easy but the tasks are not simple. The one main goal is to turn your small patch of earth into a massive multi million pound mega business. The story aspect (if there is one) is you having to work to pay the bank the loan they gave you for the initial start up on your tiny farm.

    When you start off you have a few tractors and machines that allow you to sow, cultivate and harvest seeds. The other cooler machines can be purchased through the store which is always fully stocked. The cooler machines include lawnmowers, chainsaw, trailers and tons of other forest chopping and farm building toys. To earn these great toys you need to farm (excuse the pun) for a lot of hours. The machines are all real life ones, including trucks from New Holland and Case. Did I mention there is also animal husbandry and my favorite the wood cutting?

    Farming simulator 15 boasts a new graphics and physics engine, it looks great on the Xbox and plays smoothly. Yes this is not an AAA title, the graphics are less than what we expect but this is more about the experience and the actual roles a farmer does. It takes away from the immersion factor but not enough to spoil the entertainment you can have with this. There is also an online mode in which your friends (2-6 players) can combine and get together and build a successful farm.

    This is surprisingly fun and actually this title surprised me all tighter. It’s worth a play and I understand most gamers won’t even look at this. The cult following of fans will however be entertained and really enjoy it.

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    Farming Simulator 15 - Review
    The most realistic farming simulator out there, actually pretty fun.
    Our Score8
    • Real farming life, forestry and great looking machines
    • This is not a game most gamers will get into.
    8Overall Score
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