• War is a terrible thing, this is a message the Final Fantasy series has always told us. Never has this been as prominent as in Type-0 HD, from the opening cinematic we are told the story or Orience and the war over the four crystals. The story is deep and very emotive, we watch the death of a character and the impact it has on the near mythical Class Zero. We get to play as all 14 members of the class, using their magic abilities as well as their weapon skills. Type-0 HD is the re-mastered version of the 2011 Japanese only PSP version and it’s probably the first time most gamers will play it. This has a very raw feel to it and it’s echoed in the graphics and the gameplay itself.

    Unlike other FF titles Type-0 HD is more focused on combat and not the normal vast exploration we are used to. That’s not to say there is no exploration, just not as much of it. The key word here is real time combat, everything happens on the fly and is smooth to play. I will also say that if you are not a fan of combat and fighting this is not the FF game for you. Fighting is frequent and battles are very long, there are literally tons of fighters that will come at you. The casual gamer will feel at home as you can button bash and get decent results. To the seasoned veteran of FF however there is come mechanics to get a hold of and for the most part these work well.

    The different characters all have their magic and weapon abilities. Ace throws out cards like Gambit, Deuce is a dab hand with the flute or King using the guns, akin to Dante from DMC. The best way to succeed in Type-0 HD is to assemble a team that has all the abilities and blend them into a great fighting machine. Ranged, melee and healers are the best combination in my opinion. One of the most satisfying aspects is the Eidolon summons, triad manoeuvres or the Vermilion Bird. You can also switch between the characters with the D-pad and this is fast and fluid. Since combat is king here it’s odd that the camera is lacking. It’s slow and really does a bad job of keeping up, it’s something you need to get to grips with and if you have enough patience then it will be an overall positive experience.

    Another aspect that needs work is the AI of my team, sometimes I would span around and see that they were literally running into a wall or just doing nothing. In a team environment this really is unacceptable and takes a lot away from the immersion factor. Whilst the combat is mostly good the graphics are a mixed bag, the 14 Class members look great, new character animations and fresh costumes. The rest of the characters are sadly blocky and actually remind me of the PSP, something you don’t want to see on the current gen consoles. The summoning’s look good and the various magical elements are pleasing. It’s just sad that the polish thrown on the 14 Class members have not been lavished over the whole title.

    It’s not all combat however as in the Rubrum Akademeia that you can also breed the chocobos you’ve captured out in the open-world or complete tasks for certain NPCs. Moglin makes an appearance and taking lessons with her you can upgrade magic in the Altocrystarium. There is the battle arena where you can hone your skills and an airship landing pad where you can take the shuttle to various spots around Orience in exchange for gil, or station your very own Setzer airship once you’ve located it and fixed it up.

    I mentioned above that there is not a lot to explore in Type-0 HD, that was true when I compared the FF series to this. However some of the best rewards I got were when I moved away from the rigid routes I was allowed. I got a few summons and pretty epic rewards. During missions there are the SO objectives which do go some way into breaking up the constant battles. Some of the FF fans may give up on this early on but I advise them not to give up. Around the 7 hour mark things get really interesting, very quickly. There is a depth here which I wasn’t expecting and a rewarding story (at times) which will give you satisfaction until the next installment comes out. Give this a try, I’m sure you will be surprised and pretty happy.

    Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - Review
    This might not be the normal FF game but that’s not a bad thing at all. Real time combat is very well implemented and the overall experience is quite pleasant.
    Our Score7.5
    • The 14 Class members look great and their varied abilities as well as magic give this a fun feel.
    • The melodic scores are still haunting and very emotive.
    • That camera does like to go nuts at times, as well as the dodgy team AI.
    7.5Overall Score
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