• It seems all the rage nowadays to remaster games into the current generation. So to that end Square Enix has brought two of the biggest RPGs back with Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2. These games represented the first time true 3D graphics where used in the Final Fantasy series and the first time an actual story continuation was seen. In Final Fantasy X we join the struggle of a young Blitzball player called Tidus, he is the son of the Legendary Jekt. The story shows Tidus being thrown in to an evil called Sin. Then he wakes up in Spira where together with Summoner Yuna and her gaurdians he travels to various temples to gather enough energy to overthrow Sin. Final Fantasy X-2 picks up two years after where the people have entered into a Calm (peace). Yevon has been shunned and the people have gone back to using the ill fated machina. However not all is well as evidence of Tidus surfaces and Yuna sets off to find him.

    Final Fantasy X is a game that most fans feel is amongst the best in the series, the character progression is amazing in itself. This progression system is called the Sphere Grid, through battles AP points and spheres are gained which allow movements through the grid. Not only movement however as stat increases and abilities are gained as well. This is also a way in which you can learn magic and truly make your character as skilled in any department as you wish. Another change in this title was the conditional turn based battle system. This lets players fight as fast or slow as they wish. Whomever has the fastest speed moves first and this is where you can also change players on the fly so everyone can get a go. This battle system allows great strategies to be undertaken and I really enjoy this system.

    This title also offers a few mini games which break up the standard battles. Blitzball is basically underwater football. You play in a team where your aim is to score in the triangle goal of the opposition. There is also the Monster arena in which you can battle fiends and breed them to get more powerful ones to truly test your metal. My favourite is the Chocobo racing, where you can train and race the giant birds across various tracks. I really liked this game back in the day and really like it here. The graphical improvements really make this a title to play over, and the sounds make a welcome comeback in the form of truly essential and ionic scores. Apart from the graphics and sound what’s new about this title is the addition of trophies and cross save between the PS3 and PSVita versions. A short movie called “Eternal Calm” is also included on Final Fantasy X which I really liked. Whilst Final Fantasy X-2 has a new mini game called “Last Mission.”

    Final Fantasy X-2 tried to build on previous games by changing the way different locations could be reached. Here players were allowed to travel to everywhere early on which opened up the way the game can be handled and played. The battle system also changed, here an Active time battle system came into play. This was also the title where dressshperes came back, whereby the party never grows bigger than three players. The player can however switch between different classes which in turn give rise to various abilities and skills. Different garments supply different abilities and choosing which to wear and when to have each class in use is vital for different enemy times. Although the various lip sync issues did spoil the immersion factor and really bought back memories of the PS2 days.

    Fans of the Final Fantasy series will really enjoy this as two games are included, with all the bells and whistles but for one price. Add to that the great graphical overhaul and the additional features and what you get is a fantastic title that is worth your money. This will give gamers hours of RPG fun whether it be at home or on the go which in itself is a great gift.

    Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster - Review
    An example of when two great games combine in a package that is truly value for money.
    • Great gaming at a great price with sounds and graphics all improved
    • New features added
    • Lip synching issues are the same as the PS2 version
    • Some gamers may feel there is not enough new content
    8Overall Score
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