• Is this the game we have been waiting for? Is Final Fantasy XV the one fans have been waiting for? In part I would say yes this is. On the other hand there have been some changes in the core gameplay that some purists may not enjoy. This is very much a game that casual gamers and those new to the series can pick up and instantly play thanks to the great controls and simple (at times) combat. Graphically this is lush, vivid colours with vast vista’s and even better a very far draw distance. The colour palette and the lighting are especially good. As with any FF game the music is wonderful, emotive and adds a lot to the overall package.


    Final Fantasy XV takes place in the land of Eos, we play as Prince Noctis and his three friends: Gladiolus, Ignis, and Promptu. The four set out on a quest to fullfill Noctis destiny. Right away we see a big change, a car. We can drive it and even fly it further in the story. As this is a FF game things never start out well. The car breaks down, leaving the four friends to push it to the nearest petrol station. This little prologue gives us the background and the main theme of this game. The bond of friendship and the levels one will go to protect their friends. These four are the best thing about FF VX and for me one of the aspects that really give the story the much needed human feel.

    The real time battle system is the turning point, for me I found it enjoyable and smooth. Many gamers and fans have been shocked by this decision and I can understand their anger to a certain degree. It’s a fun way to get in early and dodge attacks with devastating finishers and combinations If you’re a fan of the old school then you have a wait mode. This is basically half way real time and half way turn based, it’s a comprise for you guys. The scale of the fights themselves are pretty special, you can fight tiny little things or mammoth beasts. Just be mindful of your abilities and level not to go after a big boy.


    Combat is a balance between holing down buttons for blocking and dodging to attacking with weapons and spells. Play the game more and deeper spells and even summons become available. Here you can call powerful creatures to help decimate the evil of the land. What’s great is you can undertake a ton of quests with a surprise amount of diversity as well. There are of course fetch quests but there are hunting quests as well. All of these give out Gil (currency) which you use to buy useful items. There are fun quests as well including fishing (yep), chocobo racing and even a pinball like game.

    The land of Eos is also massive, sure you can drive there but most places can only be reached on foot. So get those trainers on as you will need them. I however prefer to use my trust Chocobo, he’s both stylish and quick. Saving your game has never been as important as you need to save to get the awards and experience from the last save. Weapons are also plentiful with Noctis being able to equip four weapons whilst the other guys get two. Friendly fire is also on so be careful what spells you dish out and whom gets them. As you get further in the game you will learn of each friend’s likes and dislikes. To get higher in their respective skill sets you need to do what they like. Noctis likes fishing, Promptu loves a pic so take lots of them. The one aspect that I really don’t enjoy is the loading screens, there are lots of them. However given the vast size of Eos it was expected.

    Final Fantasy VX for me represents one of the finest stories in the series a done which uses the bond of the four guys very well. This gave not only looks great but plays smoothly. It has taken a long while to get here but I am happy we are arrived. This is a great evolution of the series and one which is very accessible to casual gamers and fans alike. Getting used to the real time combat is a bit hard as we have been breed of turn based. Practice and go to the tutorials sections and you will get it. It’s a game where you will enjoy just running around and exploring Eos.

    Final Fantasy XV- Review
    A Final Fantasy game that is instantly accessible to all, with fantastic open world setting that is massive is explore.
    Our Score9
    • The four friends display a deep bonds that have formed over time
    • FIghitng the mammoth beasts
    • Chocobo racing
    • The camera at times and the loading screen really don’t help the immersive factor
    9Overall Score
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