• 460 cars, that’s the absurd amount that the garage can hold, from this statement its clear to see that Forza Motorsport 6 is not messing around. The beauty, the handling, the weather conditions and the variation in feel of the cars gives another facet of why it’s great. The biggest reason for me is the rain, it’s so odd to say but the rain puddles and droplets on my windshield are very special, to this add the weight and dynamic movements of the vehicles and what you end up with is the best Forza Motorsport game to date, easily. Did I mention the engine noise? That’s pretty damn good too. The main question is whether Forza 5 owners should upgrade. The simple answer is a massive Yes.


    Let’s start at the beginning in the career mode, there is a very well guided tutorial section that begins slowly, introduces the player how Forza works. If you’re new to the game then this is perfect and if you’re a veteran then this is a good way to begin again. The one aspect of the career mode that will divide opinion is that its linear, you can’t skip ahead to the other categories and you must race in and clear the previous ones. Also if you don’t get into the top three you will have to try again. This for me is a good thing, I like the feeling of getting something when I earn it. This gave me a great feeling of accomplishment. Other games have gone for the free choice option and let you race the categories you want. Whether people will like this is up to the gamer in question, I will however say that the career will give you more than 70 hours of gameplay over 26 beautiful tracks, there is a lot of gameplay for your cash here.

    In the career mode there are two other modes; Stories of Motorsport sees us play through a narrative of what Forza sees as racing. Where the initial inspiration came from up to the different classes of automotive machine. The next is the showcase which lets you drive through some of the most iconic sections of racing, what’s even cooler is these races are hosted by famous race car drivers and celebrities. These modes add more diversity to the gameplay add to that the collaboration with Top Gear and you have a true gear heads modes. You can see Stig is action and get challenged by Richard Hammond and James May.

    Handling is the one main aspect of any racer which tells gamers if this is a worthwhile game or not. The handling is superb in Forza Motorsport 6, each car feels differently. The true weight of the cars is key for this, taking a beast of a super car round a corner is different to a Volvo family car as it should. The flimsy feeling of the body shell versus the pure hunk of steel can be seen in corners and in the straights. The sound is another one of the great improvements in this title, the purr of the 24 cars on tracks is an exciting build up to what will come. The lights change and the roar of the beast under the bonnet is heard all throughout at the race. This is what creates an immersive environment and that’s the thing about this title. Total and believable immersion is achieved.

    Multiplayer is also back and it’s so much better, during testing there was no glitches or lag. Running at a full 60FPS at 1080P the whole time. Guess what? Split screen multiplayer is included, unlike other developers Turn 10 Studios haven’t forgotten that some of the best fun to be had is with your friend next to you rather than online. There is also a new feature called online leagues and spectating. Here there are scheduled multiplayer races in which players are organised by skill levels and you can really test yourself. Also the AI here is very clever if you change their CPU brain to aggressive they will literally ram you off the road. I like the option to be able to change difficulty settings on the fly (almost) as it makes some tracks more fun.

    Speaking of tracks there are 26 locations, which are a mix of real life incarnations and beautifully presented fictional works. The ForzaTech engine is on show and it’s simply gorgeous, using the full power of the Xbox One it’s clear to see that a lot of work has gone into presentation and aesthetic perfection. These are truly some of the best tracks I have ever had the joy of racing through. What makes racing even better is the night time races and the wet conditions races. The water puddles are physically perfect, driving across one will cause havoc to your handling. Watching the droplets hit the windshield and then moving based on the direction I turn is real progress. Add to that the fog effects and this is true environmental effects on a massively immersive scale.

    To increase the level of detail Turn 10 Studios have used over 148 different physically modelled surface types, in common English terms this means that different surfaces will give different feedback and therefore different handling. Graphically this is lovely, each of the 460 cars has been built from the ground up. You can view every detail of them in the garage and fully upgrade all of them. I really like the ability to climb inside the car, makes me feel I own it, sadly I do not.

    Taken all of the points mentioned above Forza Motorsport 6 is the best in the series and arguably the best racer out now. Project CARS fans will have their say and to some extent they may be right. The damage model for one is a subject that will get a lot of debates, here you can turn it on to effect the operation of the car or just turn it on to look damaged but your driving will not be changed. There is a mix of simulation and arcade here, this is accessible to all racing levels and all racing fans. I am truly enamoured with Forza Motorsport 6 and can’t recommend it enough.

    Forza Motorsport 6- Review
    The 10 year milestone has given us the best Forza Motorsport game there is
    Our Score9.5
    • Fantastic weather conditions, the glorious rain droplets
    • Detailed car models, some exquisitely so
    • Over 70 hours of racing in the campaign modes
    9.5Overall Score
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