• While Sega might be floundering to make a solid Sonic experience, Galaxy Trail has decided that they need to answer the world’s call. Rather than try to just make a Sonic game, it crafted an experience that gives some nods to the franchise that mostly inspires it, while taking some other inspirations from other games as well. The result is a fantastic action platformer.

    The game has a story mode, and it’s about a planet that’s been invaded by a ruthless war criminal who has subverted the current king for his own ends. All while this is happening, two girls get caught up in the struggle between the Mayor and the mad king. It’s all voice acted, and the level of quality is actually not bad at all. There is a classic mode that cuts out the story, but that’s mainly for replays. There’s also a speed running mode for those interested in that as well.

    As for the gameplay, it plays similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, if it were made to look like a Saturn era game, replete with music and visuals to match. Even the characters are anthropomorphic. To say it’s just a clone would do it a disservice though, as the game also borrows elements from a variety of games. Even if the project was originally conceived as a Sonic fan game. Games from the 16 bit era like Rocket Knight Adventures, and pretty much any Treasure game from the 90’s are the other inspirations that GalaxyTrail drew from. Boss fights are intense, and levels are largely platforming affairs and less high speed loop-de-looping. There are three possible characters to play each level as, with two more supposedly coming in an update, and they all play different enough from each other. Lilac is a Dragon and can perform melee kicks, spin attacks, and she can also rocket upwards in diagonals much like the aforementioned Rocket Knight. Carol also uses melee attacks, and can ride on a motorcycle to scale walls. When on foot, she can also use jump pads to get around. Milla can only be played in Classic mode, but she can use barriers to attack and defend, and throw gelatinous cubes. Regardless of which character you play as, the story is the same, but each does have their own exclusive levels to play alongside the shared ones.

    The game is really polished and there’s not much wrong with it, but one could make nitpicks about some things that feel like they are missing. The game has a bit of replayability with three characters to get around the levels with, but the promise of the other two characters are still unavailable as of this writing. The only other thing is that the game is fairly short, and I want more. At the very least, I do want to see more from GalaxyTrail. If you are a fan of platforming action games, go to the digital store of your choice and get it.

    Freedom Planet - Review
    A really good platformer that does a much better job of evoking the Sonic gameplay than recent Sonic games ever could. On its own it is a great experience for fans of the genre.
    Our Score9.5
    • The platforming is great, and the voice acting isn't that bad either.
    • Each character has exclusive levels, which encourages replays.
    • Despite the amount of replayability, you might crave more.
    9.5Overall Score
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