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    God Eater 2: Rage Burst has finally made its way over to our shores, it’s a fantastic game only seconded by the monster Hunter series. We play as soldiers called the blood faction they take part in special missions that normal God Eaters can’t. To achieve these aims you have special abilities called blood arts, it is a powerful attacks that let you slice massive creatures we fight. We undertake missions with three teammates either online or your friends. What I like about this game is control, it’s not as difficult as the monster Hunter series which allows it to be played by casual gamers much more quickly. Graphics here looks pretty slick as its on the PS4, as we would expect. Everything runs very quickly there is no lag or slow down, even with the massive creatures taking up the whole screen. Though having said that the graphics to look dated as this is basically a three year old PS Vita title.

    Story wise this is a very common affair with nothing new here, you have to fight some monsters to save the land and be a hero. What’s interesting is that the narrative he is slightly better than the Monster a hunter series. Some attempt is to make sense of the world and how post-apocalyptic it looks with the new beasts popping up all over the place. God Eater 2: Rage burst has a lot of depth in it, there’s a lot of information and a lots of systems to learn. These are not always explained very well, there is a tutorial but it’s very basic. For those that want the information it is there, you just need to dig a little bit, I for one found it very nice to be able to read and learn all the new skills.

    Combat mechanics are very simple yet highly detailed, that is a lot of melee combat but you do need to evade and block. You can use spell and items to aid you and your team of 4 AI Warriors. What I liked was the switching between Melee and the range weapon is very fast and super cool. It reminds me of the devil May cry series with the gunplay and the sword play. next aspect alone is crafting. This is essential in creating weapons that are able to defeat these massive beasts, as you play the game on completion of each mission you get three abandon God arcs these can be transferred to your skills to form your very own weapon. There’s a lot of loop to get when you down monsters but crafting is possibly the most fun aspect apart from the combat.

    One issue I have found is that it is far too similar to God Eater resurrection, the graphics are slightly better but still looks comparable. The menu and the gameplay is very similar, there is a new mechanic in the power gauge system but apart from that it is very repetitive. Story wise is similar and any fan of the series will be at home here. This is very much mission-based gameplay with the story driven approach. There are however new costume designs, new blood arts and new creatures. The new creatures look amazing, highly detailed and massive. It is as much fun as it used to be to bring these down with your team. Especially when you add the ability to form bonds and friendships with your allies which give you greater power and combo. Sounds here are very good with excellent voice acting and an immersive soundtrack.

    To summarise God Eater 2: rage burst I would say that it provides hours of fun, lots of monster slaying, deep options to explore and decent looking graphics. If you give this game your time you will be rewarded with a very satisfying monster hunter clone. It is not as good as the big brother but it is very enjoyable especially when you have 4 human partners with you. That artificial intelligence is quite clever and they will always heal and they know what they’re doing in battle. I can highly recommend this game as I found it to be very fun and interesting. It may however be too similar to the previous game, give it a try and see what you think.

    God Eater 2: Rage Burst- Review
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    • Finally we get itto our shores
    • Very easy to pick up pand play
    • Graphics are not that great sadly
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