• In Grand kingdom we take control of a band of mercenaries affiliated with a kingdom. During the games progression you will change sides based on the best contracts offered, so your relationships and story will progress with these interactions. You move around a map based on a number of turns trying to get to the exit. This movement section is presented in a top down view like a board game. When you encounter enemies however the view changes to a side on turn based tactical RPG system. This is where the graphics really pop and the hand drawn characters come to life.


    This is a great system as using your various teams you can either send them out to fulfil missions of take charge of the teams yourself. There is a challenge to be had here where you have to create and send out the right team for the right contract. Voice acting here is fine but the main protagonist (Flint) is a bit of a sexist, every time he talks to his assistant he calls her Sweetheart and then talks down to her. It’s probably not a great thing to have in games in our life time really. As described above the gameplay is split into two segments. There is the large world map and the actual combat. Each mission places your team into a map where the place has been split up into boards, like a chess board in essence. You move your team around, collecting treasure and getting closer to the exit. When you bump into an enemy the screen changes.

    These battles are a turn based 2D affair. There are three lines in the battlefield where the units can move. The units themselves have such a great variety to them that the battles are really quite interesting. Use soldiers for blocking, put your range attackers in the middle and your healers in the back and you have a winning combination. But wait friendly fire is on here, so you have to watch out for the trajectory of your throws otherwise your boys and girls will suffer. Also it should be noted that the enemy AI is very clever here and making a mistake is often punished.


    The missions themselves are also varied in their goals, some need you to kill X number of enemies. Others will have you capture a point, or defending that point. This is one of the biggest advantages Grand Kingdom has, this variety adds a lot of longevity to proceedings. Online this is also a good game, you can form your teams and send them out to complete missions, even when you are away you can have your team gaining experience and getting loot. Experience is used to gain stat buffs, equipment and character abilities and believe me it’s very much worth it to level grind here. This is also the bad point of Grand Kingdom, because there is just so many options to play with the control system is a bit slow and not very intuitive. You need to go through a lot of menus to get where you need to be.

    However if you are a patient gamer and like this genre then Grand Kingdom is right up your street. The team management options are vast, the art style presentation and the robust 2D battle graphics really make this a pretty game. There are some issues with menus and getting the option you want quickly though. The music is fun as is the voice acting. Give this a try as I have very much enjoyed my time with Grand Kingdom and I believe you will as well.

    Grand Kingdom- Review
    A very good, squad management tactical RPG.
    Our Score7
    • Great transitions from world map to battle combat mode
    • Clunky menus and too many of them
    7Overall Score
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