• Everybody knows the guitar hero franchise, it’s been going for so many years I lost count. Been released on every platform from consoles to handhelds to mobile phones. It’s pretty much the bench mark for all instrument simulation games out there. There was even a DJ Hero released with turn tables! In 2015 when everything is all about the first person shooter, new high tech streamlined peripherals out comes Guitar Hero Live with its plastic guitar. Some would say it’s a bold move, I say why it didn’t happen sooner? This is easily the most fun you can have with your pants on. It’s been five years since the last outing and boy has it grown up.

    The best place to begin is the guitar itself, looking like a Les Paul vintage/ Strat style axe it’s shiny, sleek and gorgeous. The pickups look genuine and even has a whammy bar and tone, volume knobs too. After see the trailers it was clear that the previous instrument would not work and there is no more five coloured tabs to follow. This is an axe with 6 frets (buttons) on the top of the neck, black on top and white on bottom. This is easily a much more intuitive design and feel, I play the guitar so for me it’s a joy to play something like this and actually finger memory is perfect for me. As you work through the difficulty levels the amount of buttons utilised increases.


    For example beginners only need the top three buttons. Of course there are chords, hammer on’s and pull offs to learn. These are slightly harder to do since there are no strings to pull but none the less it’s fun and rewarding. Now this is a game that’s easy to play and enjoy but to master the full song list or even get a very high streak is difficult. There is so much happening on screen and sometimes you just lose yourself in the moment. Using this new layout on the guitar it made me question why we didn’t have it before. This really bought back nostalgia for me of playing the originals back in the day of gaming where every game had a peripheral.

    Gameplay is split into two major sections here, Guitar Hero Live and Guitar Hero TV. Guitar Hero Live is where you play as the lead guitarist in a band and it’s our job to move from garage band to stadium rockers. There are 42 songs on disk and each will take around 20 minutes to complete. The genres are varied and go from Metal, Punk, Folk, Pop and even country music. The crowd is the thing aspect that I enjoyed the most here. They are real people, so if you suck they will get angry, take the Michael out of you and even throw beer. They will basically let you to get the hell off the stage. The better you do obviously the less hostile they will be and eventually even enjoy your performance.

    What I really liked was when I played very well, fans came on stage and danced around me. The developers really did a great job in making a few hundred people look like many more. They recorded these actors at various levels of happiness and then what we see is a fluid movement of moods depending on performance. The real winner in Guitar Hero Live is the Guitar Hero TV mode. Press a button on the mighty new axe and you access Guitar Hero TV, you are dropped into the lobby and you can jump into any track on the channels at any time. There are tutorials to view which will give you 10 tokens to use. This is a pay to play service but the more you play the more tokens and every time you level you will get more. It’s a small monetary price to pay for a service that has tons of songs.

    There will be tons more added and simply just use your tokens for any song you want. You can also use coins to unlock Hero Powers (star powers from previous games). These are pretty cool and they include the Double Multiplier (does what you think), Score chaser- doubles the maximum score and my favourite the Clear Highway which wipes out all the notes on screen and gives you the maximum points as if you hit them all right. There is also the option of multiplayer with a friend and this is still as fun as it was. Battle them and see who wins.

    This is a wonderful title, I love the new guitar and the 6 fret systems is both fun and intuitive. After a little practice you will be shredding the fretboard with ease. The song selection on disk is not staggering but it’s pretty great still. Guitar Hero TV is where this game shines, using a token/coin based system to buy songs or jump in/out of songs is a very clever and rewarding way to play any song you want. This is also the best way to introduce new DLC and lets gamers choose what they want and when. There is plenty of game here and it’s just fun, the interactive crowd add a lot and the new guitar peripheral is on point. Try it and I’m sure you will be hooked like me.

    Guitar Hero Live- Review
    An excellent new peripheral and great online mode
    Our Score9
    • The new Guitar Hero TV mode lets gamers choose when to jump in to live songs and pay for what they want
    • Multiplayer is fun and very competitive
    • Some gamers will not like the token/ coin based monetary system
    9Overall Score
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