• Would you like Nintendo switch gaming headset? Well thanks to the folks over at Snakebyte you may have found it. This is a pretty small compact headset that will get you for gaming session. Foldable, as in line control, also has a detachable microphone, and a 1.5m-4.5m audio cable. Well as being relatively affordable this might be easier all round headset I’ve been looking for. Although specific branded for the Nintendo switch it can be used on other consoles thanks to the 40 mm audio driver and 3.5mm jack connection.

    In the box we have the detachable mic, and the extension audio cable as well as a quickstart guide and obviously the headset itself. It’s a very minimalist package and it’s what I’ve come to expect from these guys, that’s not a bad thing at all I’m very happy to have less things clogging up the environment. The headset feels solid the ear cups are soft and especially the covers. Feels like a nice microfibre material. The headband is soft with a nice spring like movement, they are obviously extendable and altogether this headset has a good build quality.

    During testing we ran these with Pokemon Sword and Zelda Breath of the wild over 30 hours. Also a quick 2 hour music test on an Android phone. Sound quality wise this is bang on, the bass and treble is sound pretty sharp and for the price you’re paying this is a good sound quality. The mic aspect is average I would say, I could hear voices and I could hear communications but it wasn’t as crisp is I would like it to be. The physical aspect of the mic is done well but curiously it’s on the left and the audio cable is on the right. The position of most headsets.

    Negatives points are that this is rather a small headset so if you have bigger ears or head then look elsewhere, the opposite sides of the cables and the distortion heard during gaming sessions. These are not enough to annoy me however so I can recommend this if you are after a basic headset on the go for the Switch.

    Head:Set S- Review
    Our score 7
    • Good build
    • Nice soft ear cups
    • Bit small
    7Overall Score
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