• Two prologues and one main mission, that’s all this Hitman has to offer for now. This is an episodic release game and the other missions will be released over time. Reading my first sentence may lead you to believe that this is a short game. In reality it’s not, the first two training missions themselves are a wonderful introduction into the new gameplay mechanics and the overall Hitman experience. The Paris mission is also very cool as you can take a lot of time to study the environment, use different weapons, tricks and hints to complete the kill. There is literally hours and hours of game here. That’s very surprising given the nature and the format this game has been released in.


    Stealth is the word, every Hitman title has been synonymous with this. Never more so than here, you need to study the environment and then plan your hit. The Paris level is massive, it is set in a mansion as a fashion show is happening. There are wrenches to use, coins to throw, silencers to shoot and outfits to steal. There are so many different routes to get your end goal here. One of the most enjoyable aspects is trying to actually find these different routes. You can of course finish the game in under two minutes as your target walks down the stairs you can shoot him then run away.

    What’s the point in that though? One aspect I noticed right away was the new trespassing system. Here when you enter an area you shouldn’t be you are cordially escorted out of said area. Instead of all the alarms going off and game end to appear. Hiding bodies has always been a great way to stop yourself being caught and you need to do it here again a lot. Stick them in lockers, freezers, rooms, cupboards or closets and you can proceed. During gameplay there is also a new system called opportunities, you will overhear the NPC talk to each other and they lead to sub quests. These are a great thing to do to learn the level and more often than not they are very fun.

    The contract aspect is back as well, you can literally kill anyone and then will become a target for someone else to kill and hunt in their games. There are also elusive targets, these are available for 24 hours only, you have just one try and they can be killed just once. Don’t worry though, we have been assured there are a lot of these targets around. Hitman also has an instinct mode which lets you see people in X-ray vision which allows you to mark your targets and follow them through an area.


    Graphically this is very good, highly detailed and very smooth. There was a few instanced of frame rate drop but it was very little and didn’t take away from the immersive feel. Agent 47 looks his typical, smooth, cold hearted self. The NPCs are highly detailed, individually animated and all the character animations are on point. They all have something interesting to say and sometimes just listening to them is fun in itself. The AI is where a lot of the Hitman titles have failed for me, here it is very clever. They don’t just shoot on sight, they will investigate. They expand in a circle, using the radio to give accurate descriptions of the killer. They are not the typical stupid guards, they actually have their own brains. They will also approach you if they suspect you, even if you are wearing the correct uniform.

    This is pretty much the perfect gameplay embodiment of James Bond. Skilfully and stealthily killing people has never been so much fun. I am a massive fan or studying allocation first, learning patterns and finding secrets. This game hence is right up my dark alley way. Having said that however I can see some gamers turning away from this as it’s an episodic thing, some may feel it’s a way to get more money and some will finish it in two minutes then never play this. If you are the latte type of gamer I would not buy this as you will not play it how it was meant to be played and you enjoyment will be very little.

    Hitman has been a pleasure to play and I’m still going, 6 hours in I have found a whole new area and few new disguises to wear. The end goal is always the same, assassinate the mark. How you get there is the joy of Hitman, the items you use, the way you kill and the smooth way you leave. It’s not about killing, it’s about the journey. It’s just a shame I can’t play all the levels in one go like a traditional game. I can highly recommend this title. For me it’s a must buy.

    Hitman- Review
    One hell of a Hitman title, bringing agent 47 to the current generation in a great way. The journey has never looked and felt so good.
    Our Score8.5
    • Really fun stealth with great rewards
    • Some gamers will not enjoy playing the same level over and over again.
    8.5Overall Score
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