• 2029 is the year, North Korea has finally invaded the states, yes I said that. There is a war going on between the resistance and the local governments. The Korean People’s army rules with an iron fist and constantly battles break out. We are Ethan Brady, a young resistance fighter caught up in the struggle as you try to take control away from the government and bring the city of Philadelphia back to its glory days. The premise is basic in that we have to recruit followers in helping us take back the city bit by bit. The story is actually pretty deep as it tries to wrestle with issues such as oppression, government and privacy laws. It’s a bold attempt but sadly I think it’s not a finished game.


    This does not play like the normal run and gun shooters, instead you need a more measured approach and a lot so stealth is needed. A few shots are you’re dead, so take cover and think of the next place you’re going to. There is a lot of thought that goes into which enemy to kill and when, the soldiers will run over to see why their comrade is radio silent. This not a COD or Halo, this is a different type of game and you need to adapt to this style if you’re to enjoy this. The dialogue used is very cliché and so are the characters. Voice acting is not solid and a times it sounds a bit forced.

    Graphics are pretty nice here, the rain is spot on as are the character animations. The weapons especially look great. Highly detailed and very good to fire as well. You can upgrade your weapons and even change them to something else on the fly. For example the pistol can be changed into a sub machine gun. Your character can also be upgraded with increases in health, armour and attribute’s given to you by purchasing different and more powerful equipment. The multiplayer mode is ‘Resistance mode” whilst I found it ok others have a said not great. Co-op is also pretty fun but can be skipped at any time.


    The CryEngine really helps this game as it looks spot on. The textures and moving shadows are good, the lightning itself is very well done as it perfectly sets the tone of the city and indeed the game. The dynamic weather conditions is also a good touch. Objects reflect in the puddles and when you’re on your motorcycle things get amped up a bit. You can perform jumps off ledges and go really fast to annoy the guards. It’s also open world so the Xbox chip have been used well

    Now on to the bad, due to the high graphical power there is a lot of lag experienced. The frame rate drops, its not a game breaker more of a game annoyer. On the Xbox One so far it’s been relatively ok, I have experienced frame rate drops but not to spoil the game much. This issue should be fixed with a few patches. Though the main reason it runs slightly smoother on the Xbox is due to the decreased resolution of 900p. The one big issue is when I completed a mission, or started a new one the game freezes? This was when loading was happening and it seriously will piss gamers off.

    Altogether this is a good game, the graphics are really quite lovely. The animations and lighting is spot on. The gameplay itself is different from other shooters, don’t expect COD run and gun. You have to think and actually plan raids. There are some performance issues and a couple of bugs but overall it’s a solid enough game, give it a try.

    Homefront: The Revolution- Review
    A game that tackles some pretty political issues. It looks great but suffers in performance a bit.
    Our Score7
    • Great looking characters and weapons
    • Freezes when you finish a mission or start a new one
    7Overall Score
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