• Survive or get your brains eaten by zombies, that’s the simple premise behind How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition. If this title is familiar it should be, How to Survive was the name of this game last year. After which more DLC was released in the form of new modes and new characters. All this zombie killing goodness has now been put together in one neat little blood filled package. This is a top down game with nice graphics and pretty impressive creation tools as well as nice combat and decent enough B movie style dialogue and acting.

    You start the game off choosing between your characters: Abby, Jack, Kenji and the new girl Nina,. They have familiar skill sets but different attributes and a unique ability. This is in the form of survival tools, for example having a kick ass cross bow or even the ability to craft fire arrows. I like how the characters are drawn and each seem to bring a new flavor to the proceedings with strengths and weakness depending on your play style. There are also a few new modes here, which really add much needed longevity to the game.

    The one shot- escape is pretty much what its called. You have one life only so use it wisely. It’s a great idea as its simple and how real life is. This is truly the definition of survival. This however is mercilessly tough, you start with nothing and its up to you how you want to play this. Run and find a weapon or slowly kill and pick off the zombies. The best tactic is to find something very sharp and fast. This mode is for those that really want a challenge.

    My favorite mode is the Barricade mode where you have to defend for your life, literally. Dig and then defend a camp. There are injured survivors and doctors healing them. The way to create barricades is to harvest gear which can also be made into basic turrets and traps. The finding of supplies however is not an easy task, this is not helped by the day night cycle and if you are caught out in night time you are probably dead. Added to these modes is the new difficulty level which is just impossible.

    I also liked the small touches that have been put in, such as stamina levels and the need to sleep. You even get dehydration and need food. These are all real life problems that you would go through if on an island. Graphics are nice, not highly detailed but passable. There are a few technical bugs that take away from the enjoyment though. When you actually attack the animations are slow and when you hit the zombie the actual impact is not seen at the point of impact. There have been improvements in the gameplay for sure but I would have liked to see graphical improvements as the jump to next gen warrants.

    This is the definitive edition for fans of the title and for casual gamers they will get a real buzz from this. The extra modes and the characters are very good, they add a lot of extra content and longevity. I sadly can’t help to think that the graphics and animations especially needed a boost as well. This is after all the next gen version and it wouldn’t be too hard to increase the graphics. Overall a fun game, with nice modes and great ideas, shame about the animations.

    This review was done thanks to code sent to us by the kind folks over at Xbox.

    How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition - Review
    Great modes make this the definitive edition.
    Our Score7
    • All the DLC, new modes and characters you could want.
    • The Barricade mode is thoughtful and well executed.
    • Poor animations and not the increase in graphics the next gen warrants.
    7Overall Score
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