• It’s a good thing that Felistella repackaged the Neptunia games from the Playstation 3 and put them on the Vita, while deciding to use the gameplay engine from Victory. Because the originals were a bit poor in that regard. But on it’s own, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth2 – Sister’s Generation is a fun little game. Although it is a bit fan service-y.

    The game, despite being a remake of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, is mostly a port with the only largest changes being some plot elements and the battle system. But the plot, for those unfamiliar, is a large departure from Re;Birth1’s. The game is a self contained story separate from that title. It’s more of an alternate universe type of deal. The plot is about how the CPU’s featured in the last game were fighting against an evil organization, but failed and were captured instead. Their friends IF and Compa only managed to rescue Neptune’s sister Nepgear. So the task is to now travel the world and gather additional power and allies. The interface from Re;Birth1 is back, and you can use the battle system from that as well. The Remake system that lets you craft plans that can alter gameplay or make new items also returns. Most of the story takes place during events, which are actually highlighted as “Events” in the game. These segments are typically lighthearted and make up the most entertaining portion of the game.

    The battle system is pretty much the same from the last installment. You can move around in an arena, trying to get around to the enemy’s weak spots and get as large of an area of effect as possible to maximize damage. You can choose between one of three types of attacks to perform a custom combo. Break attacks break down an enemies guard meter easier. Once it’s down, they will take more damage. That’s when to pull out your power attacks, which are self-explanatory. Then there’s rush attacks, which build up you EX Drive meter. Once the gauge reaches certain levels, additional combo attacks can be used. They can also be spent to pull of special attacks which typically dole out the most damage of anything in the game. Also you can use magic attacks and items or defense options as well. The Lily rank system also returns, and can open additional attacks or passive effects depending on who your party members are coupled with. This rank also helps determines the various endings you can get. A welcome change from the last installment is the addition of a 4th character slot. This along with the rebalanced difficulty make for a better experience. So while the battles and enemies types are simple, it’s still fun. Not overly complex compared to a game like Mugen Souls Z.

    The game’s PC port is pretty good as well. It can be played in 1080p and run at 60 frames. There is some lag with the opening cutscenes, during a Guard Break, or when enemies on the map initially load in. The resolution options are also not as diverse as some other games, but there are more options than Re;Birth1 had. Stella’s Dungeon also makes the transition to PC pretty easily. Now, the game can be closed rather than go into sleep mode, and Stella will still operate in the meantime. It seems that the game makes a log file and then checks it upon boot/refocus. That’s handy for players who liked using that feature. Gamepad support is also pretty good.

    While the story is more serious than the last game, there are quite a bit of light-hearted optional events. Although occasionally the game will throw some of the girls to the wolves for the sake of fan service. Thankfully there are only a handful of them and they are spread out. There isn’t much bad to say about the game other than it’s new re-balancing might have made the game too easy. Although fairly early on you can alter the difficulty to your liking. The other things could be the palette swapping, and the tedious work involved in seeing any ending other than the default. But for Vita owners who love JRPG’s and don’t mind the fan service, the game is a solid recommend.

    Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: Sister's Generation - Review
    Not only a very much improved port of the original Playstation 3 release, but a more balanced sequel to Re;Birth1.
    Our Score8
    • A very good if not simple combat system.
    • The interactions between the characters and videogame references are the main draw of the game.
    • While the game is light on fan-service, the parts that showcase will make some feel discomfort.
    8Overall Score
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