• Pixel games are everywhere, the Minecraft revolution is wild and flowing. #IDARB is the idea of Mike Mika, originally beginning life as a tweet and after input from fans is now a blossoming football type game. The rules are very simple, get the ball, pass it around from platform to platform and score a goal. The number of points you get depend on the origin of your shots and the style in which you have scored.

    This is addictive, I mean Tetris addictive. The rounds get hectic very quickly with more players leading to a mass brawl of jumping and throwing. The 4 vs. 4 mechanic is perfect for this type of game as you can truly put in some skillful displays. That’s if your teammates listen and you don’t end up with ball hogs (which most are). Matches usually end up being a group of players just running after the ball, like a school of tuna.

    This game is a cross between football and basketball and what adds to the excitement is the audience participation, using social media onlookers can directly affect the game by Hashtag bombing the arena of play. These are found @idarbwire and can make really cool things happen. Some hashtags make the arena flood full of water, another turns the lights out and my favorite spawns clowns. This is a really fun and often unpredictable tangent that games will take. If the game wasn’t hectic enough you also have the ability to change the environment.

    Another novel feature is to create your own pixel players section as well as teams and soundtrack creation tools. Once the player is made you can send it to a friend based on the QR code on the side which is generated. This is a great tool and very powerful too, game designers or pixel lovers can have a lot of fun doing this. I even used some of the characters from my app in this game. The negative side about #IDARB is the lack of variety. One game mode and few mini-games can get stale especially with one arena at the moment. I’m hopeful that with the growing popularity this is getting the developers will give us more.

    #IDARB is a hectic, fun pixel game. Football meets basketball in a 4 vs. 4 team frenzy. I love the idea and the implementation is just lovely. The character creation, team building and soundtrack tools all add to the charm and the hashtag bomb idea is perfect for this title. This deserves to be played, loved and played again. After a while the use of one arena may get boring but let’s hope for future updates.

    #IDARB - Review
    A wonderful representation of a game that had small beginnings and is now an addictive and very fun title.
    Our Score8
    • Using social media to allow the audience to participate is a great thing.
    • I love the pixel motif and the character creation tools.
    • One arena and one game mode may grow tiresome after a while.
    8Overall Score
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