• InFamous: Second Son is a step away from it’s predecessors, but that’s a good thing. It feels fresh for the franchise and the PlayStation 4 further enhances it all. Whether you are a long time inFamous fan or brand new to the series this third installment has something in store for everyone.

    Second Son tells the story of Delsin, a Seattle native in a world that’s anti-conduits. Conduits are people who have a gene allowing them to have super powers. Delsin accidently find out he is a conduit and has the ability to share powers that others have.  Now he is in a fight against the DUP, a force that captures conduits to prevent an outbreak of “bio-terrorist.” The story is rather short and simple, but well done. The acting for each character is spot on from Delsin and Reggie to the main villain. Each character feels believable, interesting, and more relatable than ever.

    The game is based around a black and white morality system that ever so slightly changes missions while critically changing how powers work. The fact that playing evil doesn’t really make sense with the main story is a bit of a bummer. It really means you should just run through the game playing good once and play again going through evil only to experience the different powers and ending, but again, it’s a shame it doesn’t match up with the continuity of the characters and overall story.

    The parkour system that shines on the previous entries in the franchise returns and is slightly frustrating. Delsin wouldn’t grab onto ledges sometimes and plummet to the ground, but scaling the rooftops while using your powers makes exploring the beautiful city of Seattle in search of collectables a blast.

    Infamous is all about power and this third entry does not disappoint. Blasting guys with smoke missiles, sniping them with neon, and doing so many awesome things with other powers you get is just fun! What makes the powers even more enjoyable is the skill tree that you can upgrade to get new abilities or more powerful ones. The only time I experienced frame rate issues is when huge numbers of enemies were on screen and I was blasting everything in sight.

    The series has always had an amazing score and Second Son continues this tradition. It matches the story perfectly and feels seldom and curious during exploration, but empowering and epic during battle. It’s a perfect mix.

    The power of the PlayStation 4 really comes to fruition in Second Son from the incredible lighting throughout the blooming streets of Seattle to the textures of faces and foliage.  It’s all just incredible and is by far the best looking game on the system.

    InFamous: Second Son is a good game. It slightly suffers from a short story that runs 8-10 hours, an uninteresting morality system, and a buggy parkour system. With that said, the story is still wonderful for that period of time, the morality system does introduce some cool ways to use powers, and as long as you use your powers and not hands, exploring Seattle will be fun. The game really grasps the power of the PlayStation 4 to create an overall wonderful experience.  

    InFamous: Second Son - Review
    Infamous is a good game with a few flaws, but those flaws don’t stop you from enjoying your powers.
    OUR SCORE8.5
    • Powers are fun to use
    • Good story
    • Really shows off PS4's visual capabilities
    • Game is a little on the short side
    • Black and white morality system
    8.5Overall Score
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