• In a time where there are so many games that are similar it’s very nice to see a novel game. It’s also good when this game is fun to play, has a distinctive graphical palette and has a lot of charm to it. Jettomero sees us play as a giant robot as we explore planets trying to find out what has happened to the worlds, specifically his world. You walk around trying not to destroy the world but you do anyway, you find various pieces for your head, torso, arms and hands. Then when you have finished exploring the planets you can simply blast off and find another one with the radar.


    There is a lot of charm to this game namely displayed by the leading character. He is trying to be a hero to the whole galaxy and not trying to cause any harm to anyone. His size however will always get in the way and you will inevitably crush buildings, some people and lots of unidentified spaceships. Every planet you land on someone wants to attack you but thankfully none of their weapons work. Each planet has its own distinctive houses and feel to it but there are plenty of exclusive bonus codes to use and make the most out of.

    Movement of our hero is particularly awkward and this is done on purpose so you have to move around and destroy the cities around you what’s funny is that he keeps apologising but still is destroying them anyway. There are also yellow collectable fuel modules as you need this to fly to the different planets. The point of this game is to try and figure out what happened you do this by first fighting other giant robots with your laser eyes one successful you then get A mini game in which you have to solve a puzzle which give you clues and cut scenes as to what happened and what the purpose of out robot friend is.

    You fight the other robots my firing lasers from your eyes at them as a mini game which involves button presses which is pretty fun. All of these gameplay elements make this game a unique and rather enjoyable title. The only problem I have is that it’s highly repetitive, you fly from one solar system to another kill the giant robot get some story information and then move on.

    Overall this is a very fun game to play the price tag is a little bit high but it’s got some merit to it as this is a truly novel game. There is something charming to be said for playing as a robot who is trying to save the world but ends up destroying it anyway. The comic book style graphics and the various sound affects also make this a treat for the eyes and that is, if you are after a fun game which is quick and different this may be the title for you.

    Jettomero: Hero of the Universe Review
    A fun game that has a charming giant robot in it
    Our Score8
    • Colourful and super fun
    • Nice graphics
    • No depth in the gameplay
    8Overall Score
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