The LEGO game formula is really one that can be adapted to any story. The land of Chima ruled over by the Lions is a peaceful and prosperous land. Until the Croc and namely Cragger decides to unlock the secret of the triple CHI armour. CHI is the power that runs the land and is a lovely light blue colour too. This game is all about the LEGO Legends of Chima toy line and all the characters and vehicles are used, so fans sit down at your PS Vita and get ready for bricking fun as you collect studs and build away.

    Warner Bros and TT Games have really hit on a winning formula with these games as the sandbox-style action adventure genre is perfect for this type of game. We join Laval the Lion prince as a sudden disturbance is seen in the palace.  While running over we see Cragger the Croc plotting and he tells us of his evil plan to rule the kingdom by finding and using the triple CHI power. Laval then sets off to explore the first of many temples, the lion temple. The level design is the same as other LEGO games. You run, jump and build your way to success. This game is set in a bright world, open and free. The PS Vita is the perfect platform as the graphics really pop out, oddly enough I found the gameplay graphics are slightly better that the cut-scenes. The Chima kingdom is brought into life here in a cheerful, child friendly way, as the little cute characters do all manner of things.

    As with the previous games there are tons of characters to find and use, 60 are present here. These are found in game by solving puzzles or exploring. Each of the main characters have their own powers and abilities.  Laval can use a roar to break nearby blocks and use special platforms for high jumps.  Eris the eagle can glide across, has a ray gun and can use magic to activate switches.  Gorzan the gorilla can use his watering can to grow flowers, has a super punch and can swing from poles to reach higher places. Whilst Worriz the wolf can dig tunnels, sniff out secret areas and has a swipe attack which is great for clearing a lot of enemies. Combat is button presses to perform combos, you can switch characters on the fly by using the shoulder buttons or hitting triangle and using the front touch screen to touch the character of your choice. There is also a CHI meter in the bottom right hand corner which is filled by collecting blue CHI orbs in the land. Once full you can press on the screen and a mighty roar is seen; in CHI mode you are faster, stronger and can perform special moves when you land on highlighted areas to reach higher platforms.

    The lion market is the hub for this game where you can view secrets, character customization, maps, bios and treasures. This is where you can have a lot of fun and find many secrets as well. It’s all about level exploration and I’m glad that this is encouraged. There are 15 levels to fight through and it takes about as long as most other games. You can play in free mode and use any of the characters you have unlocked to see what they can do, but you have to complete story mode to get this option. There are boss battles as well, which are actually really cool utilizing various vehicles and mechs. Each boss battle has several stages and you need to use the right character for the job. The various puzzles in the game need specific characters to solve them and the game will tell you which you need. The learning curve is really easy and everyone can enjoy this game.

    The audio is good and the background tunes are enjoyable.  I think fans of this title, possibly younger gamers. will like this a lot. I found this to be really fun so casual gamers and hardcore gamers don’t look away from this game. I like how you can play a level and then go back and look for secrets using the various characters. This is a collecting kings dream as there are a lot of secrets to find. The colourful, bright graphics really work well on the PS Vita.  There is some front touch screen use as I mentioned above but not that much. This is good in my view as using fingers on this type of game may have been a bit much. Oh, by the way, the codes you unlock can be used on LEGO.com/Chima to get vault points for toy collectors. It’s a nice game that fans will adore, well rounded, fun and cheerful.

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