• I would say we have never needed a party so much as we do now. Enter let’s sing 2021. A very fun game the whole family can play and forget about things for a little time. This is in the similar vain as we sing all those many years ago. However this is so much better. So many more modes and of course graphical improvements and timing fixes. This is wholesome game for all to enjoy. We have loved our time reviewing this and it will be used throughout this festive season. 

    So let’s jump in. The premise is simple. Bars appear on the screen representing notes. You sing higher or lower depending on position whilst the music video plays in the background and the word scroll across the screen. Getting a high score is a matter of combo building, hitting the notes and matching the tone. The modes on offer are plentiful as before. 

    Classic mode, solo mode, jukebox, world contest, lets party snd max tape. Solo mode is fun, the new avatars make it a more party like game. They is also a good sense of progression. World contest is what you think it is, take on the world and compete in those leaderboards. Let me tell you there are some stunning people out there. Mix tape mixes different medleys which are dynamically generated and therefore it means they never repeat. 

    My fave mode is the let’s party mode, 8 players, 2 teams and carnage will ensue. Oh also guess what? You can use your phone as a max. Simply download the let’s sing app, enter a 4 digit code and you’re ready to sing. You can still use mics of course but the phone is really fun. Using your phone really widens the appeal and it’s a great way to get younger and older fans onboard. 

    Graphically this game is sleek and polished.  Bright colours and menus really pop. I have teriyaki enjoyed reviewing this title and can’t really find a fault with it. The track list is great and the legends Tesco’s are even better. Get yourself a copy now. It performs perfectly in both docked and handheld. Though very small and hard to follow on handheld. 

    Let’s sing 2021-Review
    A fantastic family game which will let you forget about the troubles of the present.
    • Great songs
    • Lots of modes on offer
    • Not really meant for handheld mode
    90%Overall Score

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