• This is another long line of dungeon crawling games which I have been a fan off. This game is set in the city in Japan we are a disaster happens when a giant living tower hits in the middle and turns all of the people into monsters the survivors I left running for their lives to either be killed by the monsters or to be thrown in prison and to be tortured.

    The plot surrounds two survivors called Jack and Alice they are childhood friends that carry a rare blood type which allows them to fight back against the monsters who are called Marches. We join our two protagonists as they are being tortured in prison when I break out because and affection called the blood maidens free them and ask them to join them to fight the monsters. What I immediately like about this is the novelty of the story I’ve played a lot of dungeon RPG games and this is by far the most original story. The way the game is presented goes very well with the story as this is a very dark, Gothic, dangerous world the music fits in very well and the character voice-overs also add a lot to the title.


    So this is a dungeon crawler which means you will be going from dungeon to John Jim fighting monsters going back to your home base to increase your stats and to change your character settings or add customisations. The interesting thing about this title is that all of the dungeons are interconnected so you can go from one dungeon into another into another all of the levels are basically one massive dungeon it’s an interesting way to do things. As you move through the levels you will encounter aspects of the scenery that you can’t move yet for example you need to blow up a wall or cut down some vines you need to explore and find the correct character then go back and continue the story. Since this is a RPG the combat and fighting is the same as most others with a few twists it’s turn-based battles here so you wait for the enemy to attack and then you attack with your various spells and tricks.

    The interesting aspect of battle here is that the blood maidens are prone to corruption so as you fight the corruption level increases if this gets to a high enough level they will turn on their own party so this is something to watch out for. To get the corruption off you have to play a mini game in which the girls are seen in very suggestive positions and you have to rob the blood of them while they make sexual sounds, for me this was not a problem as it’s a game and I don’t really mind it but I can see where some gamers would object to this. There is a lot to be said for why this was even included in the game because apart from possible fan service you doing actually need to have this aspect of the game in yes it’s cheeky and funny but was it really needed? Graphically this is a anime game with with all that entails the characters or hand drawn sprites they look very colorful and cute. There is also a 3-D aspect of this whereby the monsters of 3-D and the actual dungeons themselves are 3-D it’s a nice way to differentiate from all the other RPG games.

    If you’re a fan of this kind of game I would suggest this title, there is a normal story which is backed up by charming characters and are very nice art style, however this is at its base a dungeon crawler RPG if you are not a fan of this type of game I would steer clear as it’s basically what you’re going to expect. The battling has a few differentiating factors from all the other games but it’s cool it’s still an RPG, it’s a fun game with some charm but it’s very much up to what type of gamer are you are.

    Mary Skelter Nightmares- Review
    A fun dungeon crawler with a novel story
    Our Score7.5
    • A novel story for once in a RPG
    • Lots of text
    7.5Overall Score
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