• Decades after a nuclear strike on Moscow, the survivors populate the underground. There are mutants, giant spiders and a unknown alien force at work. We play as Artyom who unknowingly will go about missions which will lead him to save humanity and take the story to deep new places. An apocalypse is never a good thing, living through an apocalypse in a Russian underground station is even worse. This is the reality that Metro 2033 throws at you from minute one. The best thing about Metro 2033 Redux is that it looks so much better, the gameplay is vastly improved and the gap between Last Light and Metro 2033 has been decreased. With Last light and all the DLC included this combo, this re-mastered games pack will surely please fans and bring new gamers into the underground.

    When you choose what game to play you can choose either Spartan or Survival. Even the deathly epic ranger mode is back. Ammo is scarce so watch your ass with this one, oh there’s also no HUD. For me what keeps these titles fresh is the way the story is told, every NPC have their own tale, it’s rewarding to stand there and listen to their conversations. If you thought the human spirit would die in that damp setting then you are wrong. They have brought the books to life here and Deep Silver should take a lot of credit here. Metro 2033 was the first title to be released, here the gameplay was more about stealth, keeping an eye on your ammo and most importantly your depleting Oxygen supply in your gas mask. In Last Light this was not the case as the gameplay was changed to a more COD friendly style. Ammo was plentiful and there were boss fights as well as stealth. The latter title was more about gunplay.

    The most striking aspect about the re-mastering of Metro 2033 is the graphics, the characters now have life like eyes and good animation. The textures are detailed to a point and mostly the lighting is vastly improved. Gameplay wise the control scheme of Last Light has been implemented with the dual wheel system allowing players to have quicker access to charger, lighter, goggles and ammo. The annoying thing is that the AI is still changeable, sometimes they were crazy smart and other times they didn’t see me if I was in front of them, just because I was in a shadow? There is also a few instances when I killed one of their friends and they forget the guy was even there.

    Last Light is as good as it was last year, the graphical and gameplay improvements are very little here, but let’s be honest it did not need them. What Last Light did well here is to decrease the load times and the loading screens which blighted Metro 2033. The faster reloading times are very welcomed here. I really loved the way lights were used here to make everything fall into shadow and the watch we wear which shows us the life we have left. This watch has been brought into Metro 2033 and really added yet another layers of suspense. The way gameplay proceeds is also at a good pace and I believe this to be the game that most gamers will enjoy the most. This is due to the COD style set pieces and the way the camera angles were used to give this a more people pleasing game.

    If you missed out on either Metro 2033 or Last Light then this complete package is your best chance to get back to them. The gameplay improvements in Metro 2033 have decreased the gap from Last Light so much so that you can conceivably play from start to finish without really noticing when one game begins and the other ends. Of course if you’re a keen fan and not a novice to the series then you will know. The graphics are very much improved even if there is a few instances of texture popping in Metro 2033. The cruel lifestyle depicted is spot on here, the stories that the Metro hold is valuable and should be experienced. This is a great package and one I can really recommend to all fans of the series and new gamers.

    This review was done on code which was provided by the folks over at Xbox.

    Metro Redux - Review
    The complete Metro package. Metro 2033 in particular has had great improvements and Last Light is still great
    Our Score8.5
    • Graphics and controls changed to a very positive result.
    • All the DLC gives these titles more longevity.
    • The AI is still inconsistent.
    8.5Overall Score
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