• It’s been some time I’ve played a puzzle platformer that wasn’t Super Meat Boy or Celeste, and it’s been even longer since I played one that features a blob protagonist. But with MO: Astray, that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. And I can tell you, it’s actually pretty good.

    In MO: Astray you play as a blob that was created as a means to save someone from their predicament, and even potentially stop a madman, although it really sounds more like revenge. But you find yourself in a situation of a ruined planet where an experiment gone wrong and a zealous AI stand in your way. Thankfully this little blob can hop around and stick to walls or even on enemy heads. Once that’s done, they can control their minds and manipulate their bodies to get around and solve puzzles. You’ll eventually get more abilities like double jumps, air dashes, and even the ability to kill enemies. You’ll have to use all of these tricks to defeat monsters and avoid death while getting through areas. There are plenty of secrets to find too, like extra health and reading the thoughts of these unfortunate victims gone mad. This is necessary too, as the true ending is locked behind getting these memories.

    In addition to the main scenario, there is a time attack mode and a Disaster Mode. This mode is an extra challenging version of the main game with much crueler puzzles to solve which was cut from the development of the main game since they actually wanted most players to complete the game. But those seeking a challenge will want to try their hand. There’s also a mini-comic detailing the events that took place before the game. And once you complete the game, you can view the art gallery. It’s got a lot of content for a relatively short platformer, with some replay value to boot. Although to be fair, the true ending being locked behind something like 100% completion would suck a lot more if it weren’t also from the fact that you can just jump to a specific part of the game, get what you need, and then go somewhere else.

    If there were any things the game lacks, it’s that maybe the game could have been more accessible if the team had the budget for voice acting instead minimal gibberish sound clips you get from your navigator that guides you through the game. Also, the game is challenging, and you’ll die a lot. So you are going to need patience and tenacity to get through it. Thankfully some of the later bosses have checkpoints so you don’t have to completely redo a fight. Your health also regenerates, so you can avoid damage until you recover. So while the game is hard, it’s also forgiving. Puzzle platforming fans will have a good time with the little blob friend. Get your slime-sona on!

    MO: Astray - Review
    A fun and challenging, but fair puzzle platformer with some decent replay value.
    Our Score8
    • The game has a good soundtrack.
    • The puzzles are hard, but fair.
    • The true ending requires you to 100% the game's secrets.
    8Overall Score
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