• “Finish Him” the immortal words heard after another round of ass kicking. This was one of the most iconic phrases in gaming history. Over the years it has been diluted, new modes added and different variations tried. Mortal Kombat X represents the best game in the series, it’s gone back to what it does best and gives the gamer a satisfying fight fest with all the polish of the current generation. The new characters are a breath of fresh air as they bring in much needed youth and change. The fighting styles are varied and what we get is a fighting game that is very much in touch with its inner game. The new modes, online and unlockables are all aspects that have varying degrees of success. All together this is one heck of a great fighter and one that fans need right now.

    The first aspect to cover is just how great this title looks and how smooth it plays. Previous games have suffered from animation lags and mistimed movements. So far I have encountered none of these issues. The graphics are just beautiful, although I won’t lie, some characters look more detailed and better than others. Sonia looks subpar while Scorpion is amazing. The backgrounds themselves look great, fully moving stories in the back and sometimes actually distract from the front. The backgrounds are fully intractable with the right button being used for actions. You can jump off things, throw bowls of fire, use branches for leverage and other destructive actions. This has been done by the same designers (Injustice gods amongst us), but never this smoothly and intuitively. There were a couple instances of frame rate drops but this was very rare and took nothing away from the unadulterated genius.

    The actual fighting mechanics are very strong here, the fabled uppercut looks just as pretty as before. You can link up moves to get combos and super moves as well as the infamous X-ray moves make a welcomed addition. It’s so satisfying to unleash one of these bone breaking moves to an opponent I can’t explain. I like the fact that new fighters have been added, Cassie Cage is the daughter of Sonja and Johnny cage (both playable). She has a distinctive style, flashy but with solid throws and kicks. Each character also has three versions of themselves, not only do these come with new abilities but snazzy new outfits too. This is a clever addition as you can use your favourite fighter and to an extent match up the style you want to fight to with their particular variation. Some gamers have complained that this feature takes away the complete fighter but for me it’s a nice addition and choice is always a good thing.

    The story mode whilst only being around 4-5 hours isn’t bad. It has some real emotion and whilst it’s still goofy as heck, it’s a vast improvements on previous titles. It actually does make some sense. Towers are back and just a great as we remember them. The “test your luck” tower is my favorite as modifiers are added such as super speed or heads falling from the sky. “Test your might” is back, I’m not a fan but some will enjoy button bashing to break objects. Online is also back and much improved, the net code seems to be working great and matching up in ranked or unranked matches is smooth. The most notable new addition is Faction wars, here you will enlist in a faction like the Lin Kuei, Special Forces or Black dragon. The more you play the more points your faction earns, at the end of each week the winning faction gets special fatalities. It’s a novel idea but I think it needs works, having said that it’s a nice incentive to keep gameplay going.

    It seems no Mortal Kombat game is complete without the good old Krypt, back and very similar to a dungeon crawler (kind of). Art, moves, skills and other stuff is your reward as well as monsters jumping up and scaring you, which is just funny after a while. This series has been going for 20 years now and it’s showing no signs of decent. Just don’t play the last two games in the series and you will know what I mean. This is a great addition to the current gen and a fighting game fans and new players will embrace. At its core the fighting mechanics are strong, the new characters all play differently and the visuals in most cases are stunning. We can recommend this all gamers as the training section will help new players and the ease of use will allow fans to just pick up and play.

    Mortal Kombat X- Review
    The best fighting game in the series. Simply put it’s a great title.
    Our Score8.5
    • Great roster of fighters, new additions really spice things up
    • Smooth gameplay and fluid movements
    • Some inconsistencies in character models.
    8.5Overall Score
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