• I am a fan of new game ideas and new gaming genres. When a game pops up that boasts murder mystery like LA Noire and gruesome death like the Resident Evil series this gets my attention. Murdered: Soul Suspect has us playing as the ghost of former cop Ronan O’Connor to try and solve our own murder. The idea is very cool and whilst the implementation has a few holes and issues the overall package is a decent attempt to bring something new to the market, I commend them for at least trying. The start of the game is pretty epic, we are pushed off our fourth floor flat and then shot with our own gun. Instantly this sets up a revenge/ mystery angle which works well in making us form an emotional connection with the deceased Ronan.

    Gameplay proceeds as something which resembles LA Noire, there is a crime scene and we are asked to investigate for clues, leads and anything that will move us forward in the investigation. As a ghost we have a few abilities namely we can possess the characters and have them think of the link that we need. This is tricky as we need to coax the information from their brain by triggering certain events to be remembered. This is very much a practice in the art of trial and error as getting the wrong answers mean nothing; there is no penalty for going down the wrong road. We are simply allowed to try again which I found to be both good and bad.  Firstly this means that anyone can play this game and get to the right place eventually. The bad thing is that for a game in which mystery and case solving is primary the actual need for an analytical mine is null and void, which can reduce the challenge. Other abilities include taking over a cat’s body to get to new areas and walking through walls. Though curiously not all walls? The explanation is that they are enchanted.

    In order for Ronan to interact with the world he must work with a medium to the dead called Joy. She is one of the better characters and her relationship with Ronan grows over the course of the game.  This is one of the positives of the narrative and this dependency leads to some nice set pieces in the game. She is helping Ronan so he helps her find her missing mother, so this symbiotic relationship is good for both parties. Once all the clues in a certain area have been found it’s up to us to put them together, here the game possess questions that we need to answer.  Most of the time the answer is generic and can be guessed.

    When you’re not looking for clues there are stealth aspects of the gameplay, these are really silly in my view. Demons show up and start to interfere and annoy you, the way to beat them is to sneak up behind them? Yes this then triggers a quick time event and a few buttons presses later the demon is gone. This feels like padding and not good padding I have to say. It’s not all bad however as the mystery solving has a slight addictive nature to it. I found as I progressed and got to grips with the crime scene investigation type movements I wanted to know more and more. I felt obliged to move further in the story and try to figure out what happened to me. This is the only saving grace in this title, well this and the decent graphics.

    The setting is a dark and damp Salem (where the famous witch trials were) and graphically this is nice looking game. It’s not graphically fantastic, but the textures, lighting and character models are made to a decent standard. This is not a game that will blow your mind or eyes but it is nice enough. The music is ok with typical scores playing the background, the voice acting whilst delivered well is sometime out of sync and this really spoils the mood of the game as well as the flow of the conversations. In a game where conversations and talking is primary this is a sin for sure.

    Murdered: Soul Suspect is not a bad game, it is however not a great game either. There are some good ideas and the basic story is decent. The mystery solving of the gameplay is good if flawed but the stealth is unnecessary and not handled well. I did find myself wanting to go deeper and the mystery aspect gave me a reason to keep playing. I would recommend this for mystery fans and fans of the noire movement. Casual gamers I feel will be frustrated and with good reason. This is ultimately a frustrating game that could and should have been much better.

    Murdered: Soul Suspect - Review
    A few good ideas spoiled by lack of solid gameplay and silly stealth inclusion
    • The mystery and case solving make you want to go deeper.
    • The stealth is just silly and feels like padding.
    • The broken gameplay and trial and error mystery solving means no critical thinking is needed.
    6Overall Score
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