• Have you wanted to be able to play motocross on the go? Well now you can on the Nintendo switch. The question remains is this is a good port or not? How well does it translate to being played on the go and then when docked?

    There are various game modes on offer here, career mode, practice mode, and the monster energy world tournament. If you have played in any of the previous quotes in May on the other consoles sadly I feel you may be disappointed with this offering. There are features missing, the graphics have been diminished and the overall polish and seal is much less than it should be.

    Firstly let’s talk about the graphics. The graphics on MXGP3 remind me of the old Moto cross 2 games on the PS3. The vistas are very plain with minor details, The track itself doesn’t have any racing lines and it’s looks a little bit flat to me there is no deserts and the actual borders of the tracks are very difficult to see if you don’t have knowledge of the track racing in. All the above are my views when the game is docked. When it is undocked things don’t get any better. The frame rate takes a massive hit and altogether it’s not a pretty game.

    However it’s not all bad as the controls have been bought over very well, it’s smooth and the races themselves are satisfying to a point. You can control the clutch the gears, acceleration, deceleration. The turning circle is pretty good and for most of the time you have great control over your rider. Another aspect I found pleasing was the a I opponents, they are intelligent, they will defend their territory, and they don’t just follow the set racing line.

    The frame rate dropped issues sometimes are pretty bad enough when there are lots of riders on the screen at the same time the frame rate can drop quite significantly. The developers have tried to overcome this by limiting the racers to 11 instead of the 22 there were in previous games. However this still does not work as when there are multiple races in the game, for example in a mode it’s very slow on the frame rate.

    One aspect that is done very well is the customisation. There are over 300 bikes and outfits to choose from if you are a fan of MXGP this is certainly the most pleasing aspect for you. There is a lot of content to get your head around and if you’re a fan there’s a lot of things you can change and play around with. The most frustrating aspect of this game for me is the exclusion of the multiplayer mode. Nintendo switch is made for multiplayer, it’s all about playing with your friends and having fun. This game doesn’t even have a local multiplayer option so it can’t down a lot of the incentive for buying this game.

    Taking all of the parts I’ve mentioned above, I can see how casual gamers would be turned off this game. MXGP3 is a good game on other consoles, the graphics are better, it is much smoother, and it just feels better. However on the Nintendo switch this is not the case. There is some fun to be had but these are are dependent on whether you can look past the graphical issues and the mechanical frame rate drops. If you’re a fan of this genre and really means this kind of game then I would buy, if you’re a casual game after a racing game on the Nintendo switch there are others to choose from.

    MXGP3- Review
    An ok motocross game. Not the best, not the worst.
    Our Score5
    • Lots of bikes and parts to play with
    • Decent enough turning circle
    • Terrinle frame rate
    • No multiplayer
    5Overall Score
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