• While we approach Halloween, there have been a number of games that fit the theme well that have been released recently. On the licensed movie side, we have the Mummy Demastered, and on the AAA side, we have The Evil Within 2. But on the indie side, we have a goofy Metroidvania title called Mystik Belle. While fun, the game’s hamstrung a bit by it’s insistence on trying to be an adventure game with it’s fetch questing.

    The game is about how a young witch is blamed for ruining the Witch brew that was to be used for a ritual. To prove her innocence, she’s agreed to find the ingredients to make a new brew by the end of the night, or face expulsion. This is where the game decides that it also wants to be an adventure game, as you need a hall pass just to clear the room. It’s the apple that’s in the room, and simply having it isn’t enough. You have to access your inventory and use it there. There’s also a limited number of spaces to store items. Thankfully, the game will let you drop items anywhere, but there’s also multiple treasure chests that work much like Resident Evil’s storage crate in the safe rooms. The constant fetch questing isn’t game breaking, but for a game that’s also a Metroidvania, the pacing suffers for it a bit.

    As for Mystik Belle’s gameplay, you can jump and shoot fireballs, but eventually you’ll get the ability to shoot charged electric blasts and dash, among a few other tricks. Your basic fireball attack does level up in attack power and range with experience gained from defeating enough enemies, but you only level up to level eight before capping out, which is honestly more than enough. There’s also a menagerie of stock Halloween enemies to fight, and some weird ones like a bear that’s wearing a Russian hat that even dances. The game is short, but the fetch questing artificially inflates the near five to eight hour experience. The soundtrack actually uses Gameboy like chiptune music, which is typically uncommon but appreciated nonetheless. There’s no voice acting, so be prepared to read everything. The humor is good at times, but the writing is pretty simple. But, despite the fetch questing screwing up the pacing, Mystik Belle is a simple, and enjoyable game. Although it’s current price point might be a little too high for what it offers.

    Mystik Belle - Review
    A Metroidvania that's a cute little romp, but it's somewhat hampered by the fact that the game is mainly a fetch quest.
    Our Score6.5
    • The humor to the game can be pretty funny.
    • The music has a neat Gameboy soundchip feel.
    • The fetch quest adventure game like nature of the game's pacing is a constant irritant.
    6.5Overall Score
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