• Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 was one of my favourite anime fighters of last year, the story was excellent. Graphics were fun and colourful and the fighting was frantic with fantastic combos. The games wrapped up the story arc of Naruto and company that was seen through the end of Naruto Shippuden, at the end we were also given a tease of Naruto’s son Boruto, which has now gotten his own DLC expansion in the aptly named Road to Boruto.

    Immediately I liked the design choice taken by Namco in that was given his own adventure mode which we can choose from the main menu. I liked this because it wasn’t a DLC that was just added on to the story mode. It feels like its own adventure and given the importance this DLC deserves. The story proceeds at a good pace with fully animated cut scenes which are beautifully drawn and animated. This creates the feeling of the anime very well and I really felt I was in the actual anime. One of the best aspects of the original game was the exploration factor, in this DLC we can explore Hidden Leaf Village. This exploration leads us to many new sub-events that do a great job at adding more to the story of Boruto.

    Altogether there are 10 side missions and these are not easy tasks either. Also there is a part in the main story where you will take an actual exam! Yes a real exam which has a written element with the answers being spread across hidden village. You also need to collect flag missions which is a bit annoying but these mission types add a little spice in between all the fighting. We also get to play as other characters in the series namely: Sasuke, Naruto, as well as Sasuke and Sakura’s daughter Sarada.

    Combat is the same as the main game and its still fresh and fun. Using regular attacks of the secret techniques still is satisfying and thanks to the great colour palette its gorgeous too. One final aspect of the game is Boruto’s fighting styles, he has the regular one which uses techniques and one which is based around a tech device given to him.

    For fans of the series that want a more detailed DLC than the normal offering this is great, there is a lot fo story to go through and it really gives fans what they want. For casual gamers this is also a good purchase as you can explore a new location and use different techniques whilst still keeping the game’s core fighting element intact.

    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Road To Boruto DLC- Review
    A great realization of the story which had taken fans by storm
    Our Score9
    • Not just a DLC but it's own story
    • Finding the flags can be annoying a bit
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