• The original Noitu Love: Devolution released back on PC’s in 2008 and on Steam in 2012. A WiiWare version had been planned, but those plans fell through. And with it’s planned motion controls, it probably would have been a mess. While the PC version did use the unique mouse and keyboard setup, it was hard for most players to wrap their heads around, but with this latest port to the 3DS and Wii U, the game feels like it was designed for these platforms. This control scheme feels like the game is right at home. But aside from that, gamers have a real nice action title to play regardless of how it controls.

    The game starts out by playing an attract mode sequence that explains the first Noitu Love game’s story. Because for whatever reason, Konjak and the dev team involved with this port have decided to drop the number 2 from the game’s title. But the backstory explains how a hero named Noitu Love defeated Lori and their army of robotic Dastardly Darns and saved the world about a hundred years prior. But back in the present, the darns seems to have been revived, and it’s up to Xoda Rap to deal with this latest threat and get to the bottom of it. The original game had a interesting control scheme using the mouse and keyboard, where the mouse cursor determined where many of Xoda’s actions would take place, with the keyboard directional keys would change what she does based on the direction pressed. It was a fun game, but the controls were a bit hard to wrap my and other gamer’s heads around. This time, the game feels like it was made for the 3DS. You move with either the analog stick or the face button, for those who are left handed. The stylus then controls what actions Xoda does depending on how you flick the stylus.

    The actions available to Xoda are a basic melee attack you get by rapidly tapping the touch screen, but double swiping left and right will do a dash attack, and double dashing down will pull off a slide attack. Double Swiping up will turn your jump into a spin attack. Of course you can use the analog stick or face buttons to replicate these, but the combined interplay of the stylus and buttons make for a better flowing control scheme. If you play on the Wii U, you can also play with the originally planned Wiimote controls if you want, so there’s a lot of play control on tap for you. The game on it’s own merits is a great action game that draws a lot of inspiration from Treasure’s catalog. There’s a lot of frenetic stuff going on in the levels, and the boss fights are intense, and some of them are somewhat puzzle based. There’s only 7 levels, but they go by fast. But player’s can go for high scores if they want, where the game’s real challenge comes in. You have unlimited continues and checkpoints, but dying will drop your score considerably. And the game is a bit hard, so the learning curve for getting higher scores is high. There are also alternate difficulties and extra character modes for those seeking a challenge as well. If you want a good action game at a good price, Noitu Love: Devolution is a good place to start. It’s also not a bad way to make the wait for Iconoclasts more bearable.

    Noitu Love: Devolution - Review
    A fun action game with an interesting control scheme that feels right at home on the 3Ds and Wii U and is just a great action game.
    Our Score8.5
    • The sequel to the original PC game ported from the Steam version feels more at home on the Nintendo consoles than ever with it's control schemes.
    • The level of action in the game is frantic and reminiscent of Treasure games.
    • In the heat of the action it might be hard to get Xoda to do what you want.
    8.5Overall Score
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