• The One Piece universe is a massive one, anime wise this has had so many versions, follow ons, series, toys and games. Everything apart from the kitchen sink (although in Japan maybe). Storywise this has a few spoilers for One Piece fans so before you begin this game maybe go and watch a bit.  We begin with a new enemy called Red Beard who has the devil fruit power (yes I said that) with which he can make others do his evil bidding. Fast forward a bit and we join up with Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates who have found a new island. Sadly however the crew is picked off one by one, and the new island is barren. It’s up to us to not only build the town and enter quests, but to find your lost comrades in the different lands. This is a highly accessible game right off the bat and one that is really effective and fun.

    Controls here are somewhat of a mixed bag, whilst on the surface they seem simple the combat is anything but. Yes mashing the Y button will give you combos and B makes you jump, but it’s how you use Fuffies extending arms (X button) and fast dodge (A button) that determine your battle success. Holding down the R button lets you use one of the four face buttons to make your allies heal, attack or other commands. You run around the level, going the direction the maps tells you and every so often you enter an invisible arena where the enemies come at you. To spice things up the boss battles are massive and tactics are needed. You can’t just button bash here folks. You need to study the pattern and counter, then go in for the kill. Different players also have different skills and swapping players is as easy as tapping their face on the lower screen. Zoro is gifted in combat, can cut down bamboo or ivy. While Franky can unleash a fireball and cause masses of damage but he’s huge and slow. Planning which character to play and at what time rally makes you think about how to proceed in this game.

    These characters can be boosted with custom words which are basically stat buffs and custom items which give you abilities. To keep the gameplay fresh there are insect mini games to partake, these being fishing and insect catching. Insect catching is simple but the fishing mini game is really fun and very rewarding. If you catch a fish you got the chance to go for a combo and get a bonus. This way you can keep fishing and get a massive haul. The town is the hub of this game and here you can build buildings via the inn and undertake quests via the Tavern. These quests are great and again give more longevity to this title as well as fun and some more loot collecting. During the main campaign and all the other modes your always collecting items which are used to build the various buildings in the towns.

    I really love the graphics here as the cell shaped characters really bring the animation to life, the bold colors and bright lands really show the 3DS’s power and the screen is always busy with something pretty to watch. The two scenes are also handled well with either 3D animations or still images keeping us on track with what’s happening. Character designs are beautiful and the whole world looks great, its odd however that it’s not 3D? Why even have the 3DS logo on there? I found another issue with the camera during combat as well. When I started a combo I would kill the enemy but then be faced away from all the others. I can move the camera myself but it would be nice if it was automatic. One more problem was with the save game problem, you can only save in the Inn and not during levels. So you have to play for 40 minutes straight or close the 3DS, take a break and start.

    Apart from the main story mode there is the battle coliseum mode. This mode is huge, offers tons of fun and a lot of gameplay. You first begin with a battle test, here you enter a full blown fight with a lot of enemies and once they have been dispatched you get a ranking. Based on this ranking you are entered into a league, I got B so that’s not bad. Battles in the Battle Coliseum include both one on one duels and scrambles against enemy hordes. Winning the variety of different battles will allow you to raise your rank. Also when you use a character for the first time you get a first clear bonus which is very useful. This bonus also encourages you to use lots of different characters.

    In duels you can chose one character and for the other types of battles you can choose up to two. Be careful as the choice of character really has an impact as some are better than others. Through experimentation you will learn what is what, its good as there’s no penalty for losing. To use these different characters you have to unlock them, either through getting promoted or by fulfilling certain requirements. Such as X number of counters with X character, this mode will keep gamers busy for ages and I have really enjoyed this. Playing against massive foes and then switching and going for co-op battles is a great way not only to keep the gaming fresh but keep gamers playing this title.

    Overall this is one heck of a great game with tons of content that will keep gamers busy for a good long while. All the charm and beauty of the One Piece world has been captured. The gameplay is solid, the combat is varied and the enemies are different yet clever. The boss battles are fun, huge and always different. I love the sound as its Japanese voices and this is truly the best way to play this genre of game. The camera issues and the save game problem really annoy me, but thankfully I can close the 3DS and start from where I like. Fans will love this title, as will casual gamers. Home run Namco, well done. This should really be in all 3DS owner’s libraries.

    One Piece Unlimited World Red - Review
    A fine game that pays fitting homage to the series from which it was made.
    Our Score9
    • Combat is smooth, fast and stylish.
    • Boss battles are varied and massive.
    • The Battle Coliseum mode adds on tons of hours in gameplay, whilst keeping gamers hooked.
    • Really odd allowing us only to save in between levels using the Inn.
    9Overall Score
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