• Aksys Games continues to pump out VN’s, and it was only a matter of time before they’d put out an Idea Factory otome about being trapped in an MMO. But this game actually serves as a good introductory otome, since there’s a bit of more variety and better writing than Norn9.

    The story is about a girl named Kazuha who is looking for her brother Shiki, after he went missing several days in a row. Once she meets up with her friend Hiroya, they notice that Shiki’s PC in his dorm room is running a special server in a game called World V. Curious, Kazuha makes a sub character on Shiki’s account. But that’s when Kazuha’s consciousness is trapped inside the MMO. Of course this doesn’t stop Kazuha from continuing to look for Shiki, despite not only being level 1 and a newbie, but also finding out that she is ‘The Almighty Amadeus’. This designation makes her powerful and sought after by the two factions of Angels and Demons that want to use her power to clear the game and escape. This is what they believe though, as it’s what the system message has told them. Over the course of the story, you’ll make choices in the beginning that determine which route you’ll end up on, so each route is closed off from each other. The only time there is overlap between the route is if you are going for Demento’s route. And it’s really easy to tell what choices will lead to the good or bad endings. But you can always load up the history mode at the title screen to start from any chapter to get any CG you missed, or get the ending you want. You even can control your Almighty level and affection levels for the guys, making it even easier.

    The writing in the game is much better than in Norn9, and there are only 7 character routes, with the final route unlocking after completing the key routes linked to it. But you should probably go for all of the other routes before the Poyo Poyo route, as there a few details about the game that help you better understand what’s going on in the true route of the game. Although the only downside to this is that the true route’s explanation still is a bit of a mystery and feels a bit more like a deus ex machina plot device. One other weak point is Idea Factory’s continued creation of lead characters that are too pure. Normally, this would be a good thing, but I wish Kazuha was just a little more assertive and would get mad. Instead, she’s practically a saint. And there are too many other Otomate game that do this routine already. Even Cardia from Code: Realize was more interesting. The art style is also a bit weird, but at least the character sprites are animated during certain dialog parts, and they are lip-synced well. The audio track still is only in Japanese, but it seems like the VA’s aren’t phoning it in. The soundtrack is pretty good though, so the music fits the mood of every scene well. If you wanted to play an otome visual novel but felt intimidated, Period: Cube is a good starting point. And the MMO angle might interest those who enjoy playing them. But even if you don’t care for MMO’s, it won’t be too much of a factor, as it’s mostly a non-factor. This otome visual is a solid recommendation.

    Period: Cube - Review
    A good introductory VN that is a low barrier to entry.
    Our Score7.5
    • There is a more manageable number of routes in this game.
    • The soundtrack is really well done.
    • Kazuha is much too nice of a person.
    7.5Overall Score
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