• Power Rangers has been around since I was a kid, they have had every kind of item under their name. Most of the games out have been pretty bad and sadly Super Mega Force is no exception. It’s not horrible, for the younger gamer this will be a fun title. For casual gamers of a certain age this will be a really short ride through a world that is very bland. There is a story mode, a museum where you can view information on the various rangers. There is also a mode where you can scan you range keys via toys and get rewards.

    In the story mode you have the choice of selecting a stage, shopping for items which are basically health buffs and increasing the level of your ranger. You can use the items you purchase in game or via a separate menu (which is odd). There is also a list of 100 achievements which does give the title some much needed longevity. The story mode has six worlds and each of them has six stages. The issue is that the stages are over in a minute or two and there is not much to do after you finish one. When you begin a story mission you can choose two rangers (you play as one) out of a possible 30.

    In theory this sounds great but the actual Power Rangers only differ in appearance with some being different in their attack or defense stats as well. The levels then proceed from left to right when you jump, attack and shoot a laser at tons of enemies which all look similar. This is a button basher, you can perform a double jump and the controls all respond well enough. It’s just there is not much else to do, run, punch and move to the next area. The whole game can be completed in a few short hours.

    Graphically this is pretty poor, its colorful but the 3D slider has no use whatsoever. If you’re after a game that pushed the 3D to the limit, this does not do any of those things. This is a title geared towards younger gamers, for them this would be a challenge I think, although having seen the younger gamers they will find this very easy as well. There is a difficulty meter but even at max it’s still easy. I would say this is a game for real die-hard fans that need Power Rangers in their life’s. Other than that most should give this a miss.

    Power Rangers Super Mega Force - Review
    A Power Rangers game that really didn’t need to be made.
    Our Score4
    • 30 different Power Rangers to choose from.
    • Poor graphics.
    • Very easy levels.
    • Silly story.
    4Overall Score
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