• Project CARS 2 represents the most complete and well thought out racing game available at the moment. The first game had some issues which all gamers and fans wanted addressed, this is not simply just a sequel this is a new game in which all the aspects have been vastly improved. There is a hell of a lot of new content including tracks beautiful dynamic weather controls have also been improved. Not to mention the gorgeous graphics and that sounds.


    The biggest aspect that all games wanted changed was the lack of a traditional career mode. This is being addressed with a very meaty career mode on hand. You can choose any of the multiple types of racing him from open wheel, rallycross, IndyCar, overall racing and much more. One good aspect of this mode is that you don’t need to start at the bottom, this doesn’t mean you can start with the big cars but you don’t start with absolute garbage course. As you would expect you are able to change every aspect of your car, if you want the best slap times for your specific drive style changing settings here and they will help a lot changing the gear ratios, the tires, the dampers and even the camber. If you know what the above words mean then you know how to tune and tweak everything if you don’t you can ask your mechanic or engineer and they will help all the modifications for your specific race style.

    The next aspect to speak about is called live track 3.0 this is where the developers have shown how much of a racing fan mail, the various dips and bumps in the road are highlighted when rain starts pouring down. As you’re racing the race times all slow the traction will be lost and slowly over time handles will form. It’s no longer safe to get to the apex of a corner you need to break much further and take it easy. Once you have had enough of the career mode there is lots of other things to do. Custom races allowed you to raise with any penalties or handicaps you want on or off. You can turn a supercar race into bumper cars if you wish, you can save this and then come back to them later as well. What’s more there are lots of community events which are set by the manufacturers and designers get the best laptimes and you’ll see it on the global leader board.

    Graphically this is one of the most advanced games out as it supports high dynamic range, so if your TV is compatible you will see the sky blue popping out your see the grass is green and the scenery whizzing by in the background looks fantastic. That’s not to say the graphics are as high as they should be I was always feeling that slightly more work could be done with the backgrounds and as much time spent on them as well spent on the cards. One aspect that may divide gamers is the dedication this game has to esports, twitch streams, events, results and more are available at the main menu now whilst these are good for most hard-core gamers some of the average fans may not really give a damn. Take this game online and you have a plethora of wonderful options. Choose to race against your friends or people you’ve never met and see how far you can get and who can get the best times. The matchmaking is very well done with various skill levels put together.

    Altogether Project CARS 2 is a giant in racing terms. If the first game was a cart then this game is definitely a I have one beast. The amount of driving, the various cars, the live track 3.0 and the wonderful online championship modes will have all game is chomping at the bit to play. This game truly is not a sequel but it’s owned out right fantastic title that deserves your attention.

    Project CARS 2- Review
    This is possibly the most complete racer ever made
    Our Score9
    • Great driving mechanics
    • Wonderful dynamic wetaher
    • Slightly less pretty than i thought it would be
    9Overall Score
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