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    Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness is a visual novel game and as such there are not a lot of actual gameplay mechanics. However what Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness does do, is draw you into the narrative and make you want to see it until the end and as such it’s a success. Though for gamers that are not fans of the series Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness doesn’t do a great deal to make you feel at home, instead it may confuse some. For me however it was a good experience and had fun until its cool conclusion.

    The world of Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness is basically something out of an old Orwell book, sci-fi everywhere. The setting is Tykyo in 2112. An AI called Sibyl has been integrated in the global computer system and can scan all members of the human race for signs or wellbeing and the intention to commit a crime. Investigators are then sent out to stop the person before they even commit the crime. Spooky stuff. We take the role of either of two main protagonists in the game, Inspector Kugatachi or Enforcer Tsurugi. The inspector’s story begins with her making up after an incident with the usual amnesia. We then go on a mission to find out what happened and with whom. The Enforcers story whilst based around the same cases as the inspectors is about finding out what happened to his lover.

    The plot plays out as you would expect with cut scenes and dialogue choices to be made. One thing to note, there are not voice dubs here. Everything is in Japanese with English subtitles, for me this is fine as I watch anime and this is how I prefer it with the authentic emotions coming through. Some gamers however may find it hard to read the text and keep up with the actions and interactions on screen. The dialogue does have instances of slowing down but this can be sped up. One aspect that will frustrates some gamers is the use of technical terms from the Psycho-Pass world.

    There is a glossary where you can find these in the game but it does slow down the immersion factor, the creators of the game recommend you watch the first 6 episodes of the anime just so know what happening. I would suggest the same but maybe this should have been included on the game disk? Graphically this is a beautiful as the anime and totally hits the right tones on the colour palette.

    Taking all the parts together I have enjoyed Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness a lot. The story fit in the Psycho-Pass universe and I feel at home. Some of the narrative choices I made really didn’t have an impact on the story but some others really do so it balanced out. I would give this a try, but first watch the anime see if you like it then dive it and purchase the game.

    Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness- Review
    A very nice graphic novel bought to the PS4
    Our Score8
    • Great anime graphics
    • Really good story pacing
    • Too many techincal terms for the non fan
    8Overall Score
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