• I love nothing more than going out on Saturday night with some friends and playing some pool. The idea of a half decent pool game therefore excites me to no end, is Pure Pool a half decent pool game though? Answer is no, it is actually a fully decent pool game and one I can really recommend. Solid ball physics, good AI, nice modes and great tables all add up to a game that’s perfect for a night with the guys or girls. For the small price this packs a punch and its totally worth it if you’re after a fun game to begin a night’s festivities.

    Often the mistake that is made with pool games is a oddly complicated control system. Pure Pool does away with this by simply pulling back the right analog stick and pushing forward to take your shot. It is intuitive, simple to use and really does work a treat. The career mode is pretty large, clocking in at around 40 hours it gives a hell of a lot of gaming for your buck. There are various game modes including the traditional 8 ball, 9 ball as well as killer and a few mini games.

    The multiplayer has also had a shot in the arm as they have implemented a new system called the online DNA profiling system. This is very much like the “driveatar” feature in Forza Motorsport 5 in that it gathers information on your play style, if you like power shots or play it safe. This means when your offline your friends can play against you and vice versa, it is a clever idea and one that will really help the spread of this title. I would say the best and most striking aspect of this title is the graphics, they are highly polished and just look amazing.

    The light shining on the balls as well as the reflections and the table itself all shine greatly. Even the AI characters look cool and actually likable. That’s not to say there are no faults, for some reason there is no pause button. You just bring up another screen while the game carries on in the back? Cant skip the AI shots and there is also no power bar for the shots. Sadly the top down camera is also missing. I’m thinking they tried to water down the game, make it accessible for all but in that they also forgot to cater for the hardcore fans and the people that really want to fine tune everything.

    Overall this is a game that needs to be played, the graphics alone are truly lovely. The AI is good and the games modes really do give you lots of gameplay. The online multiplayer DNA is a good idea and the multiplayer in general is where the most fun will be had with this title. There are a few negatives as I have discussed above and whilst they do not cause the gameplay to be broken they do annoy somewhat.

    Pure Pool - Review
    One hell of a sexy looking pool game, with great gameplay but slightly annoying omissions.
    Our Score7
    • Great graphics and ball physics.
    • Really high longevity.
    • Some omissions that will annoy hardcore pool enthusiasts.
    7Overall Score
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