• There have been a small burst of quick and simple to play games on the 3DS eShop courtesy of Arc System Works and Aksys Games, and this game is the latest to grace Nintendo’s handheld digital storefront. Radio Hammer is a bizarre rhythm game to be sure, but it’s much a case of getting exactly what you pay for, as it’s a bit lacking in content, but at least it’s cheap.

    The game is extremely basic in it’s setup. You play as one of at least four potential characters, and get dropped into a group of levels designed like a 2d beat em’ up. However, the game plays like a rhythm game, where you will either attack incoming flasher weirdos on one of two lanes, or hit the Y button to grab presents. The presents are optional, but they unlock extra content in the game’s gallery, and not much else. Racking up combos builds up the fever gauge, which when full will activate Fever Mode, which like many other games in the genre, will increase points earned. There are stars that you can earn in your level rankings which also are a measure of the game’s trophy systems as well as unlock other types of content.

    That’s really all there is to the game. Levels play rather eclectic music randomly, but you can always play Free Mode to play a level with exactly the type of music you want. Music normally will switch up on you depending on the length of the stage. Of course, the frequency and speed of the flashers also increases, but the challenge level is still relatively low for the genre. The music is pretty forgettable, and nothing really stands out. Graphics are decent, and the characters designs are weird. There’s not really any real meat to the game. If you wanted a quick burst play rhythm game for the 3DS on the cheap it fills that need. But if you want something meatier, there are other options. At about $5 USD you won’t break the bank, so there’s a low barrier of entry.

    Radio Hammer - Review
    A fun, if very simple rhythm game with some bizarre character designs. A bit lacking in content, but it's at a 'Get what you pay for' price point.
    Our Score6
    • The game is simple as there are really only two buttons to memorize.
    • Soundtrack is just so-so.
    • The amount of content is lacking overall.
    6Overall Score
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