The first boxing sim to grace the PS Vita is called Real Boxing, released by Vivid games. How good is it? Well as it turns out its pretty good. The graphics are nice enough with an interesting control mechanism. Both face buttons and the front touch screen can be used to control this sim with varying degrees of success.

    The career mode is where the meat of this game lies, you create your fighter, lead him through three different difficulty levels of fights. You begin in the roosters tournament with fighters who are skilled but not that hard to beat. The night of champions is next with skilled and agile fighters. Finally the boxing legends tournaments is tough as nails as these guys have tons of stamina, punch hard and dodge well. The customizations available in the profile mode is pretty cool, you can change the trunks color, gloves and shoes. Tattoos are aplenty as they can be added anywhere, facial features can also be changed. One aspect I didn’t like was the fact I couldn’t make my fighter fat, but I think since this is a sim it’s ok. With a cast of around 23 fighters this is ok but they are not real fighters and there are no licenses so don’t expect them. They do look varied but the underlying base model is the same.

    Other modes include the quick fight mode, which is just that. The multiplayer I found a bit hit and miss as you can play with local friends or all over the world. The local play is fine with plenty of excitement and ass kicking. The online play was hard as I couldn’t find an opponent for a while. The gym is where your fighter builds on his three attributes, speed, strength, and stamina. Mini games are how you get perks and increase in these stats. These mini games range from punching bag to skipping to a speed bag. All are well done and break up the fighting. Controls are done in a clever way as the d-pad and face buttons are a mirror of each other. They correspond to the left and right hand.

    Graphically this is a pretty game, powered by the Unreal Engine it looks crisp and bright on the Vita screen. The sounds and music are well done and pleasing to hear, the sound of the punches smacking into the other guy is harsh and is so satisfying to perform. Once you get knocked down you have to hit the right and left shoulder buttons to get up. Three KOs and it’s all over though so be careful to clinch when you need to. I like that in this game you can’t just button bash as the gameplay is balanced as the difficulty increases through the different tournaments. Also I will give you a word of warning, when you increase stats do nott just focus on one of the attributes as you need a balanced fighter.

    Vivid games have given the PS Vita a classy yet solid boxing sim. The controls are pretty clever in that they present each hand based on the left and right hand side of the Vita. The touchscreen also works pretty well as tapping on different locations causes different punches and clinches and dodges can be initiated easier. So maybe for a beginner this is the better control mechanism. I enjoyed this game and can recommend it to fight fans. Try it out and step in the virtual ring.

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