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    A stealth game where you don’t kill, this is the basic premise of République. A team of developers that worked on the Metal Gear Solid range also developed this and it’s pretty clear from the start. We play as Hope, a hacker seeking the truth and her freedom. We guide her from area to area, hacking, sneaking and trying to be invisible whilst making her way through Metamorphosis. This was originally a mobile game released in an episodic format. The PS4 version has all the episodes, as the episodes progress a few new changes are made which keeps the gameplay fresh. Though the final two episodes are in my view the weaker ones of the five.

    The story is told via the audio logs Hope picks up, these give you clues and hints on where to go next. After you break Hope out of her cell, you mission is to guide her through the maze of rooms. We do this via hijacking the plethora of surveillance cameras around. The difference between this title and the Metal Gear solid ones is the Hope is no Snake. She doesn’t have his toys to engage enemies, all she can do is use pepper sprays, tasers and a landmine that puts the guards to sleep. However as soon as Hope gets a few of these the guards get taser proof armour and nerve gas. There is a balance here but almost always leans toward the guards. This was fine for me as it gave Hope and somewhat unbalanced and unfair disadvantage, this in itself means we have to be better than the guards and actually think.


    Though when you do get caught, Hope is put in the nearest cell where you can wait for the guards to leave so she can break out again. I find it odd that a company that wants to catch her so badly doesn’t want to kill her. Instead hold her in a cell where she can then escape easily? As you move from the areas you can use something like an eagle vision from Assassin’s creed. This scans the environment, which assigns buttons to various actions. For example you can distract using one button, scan a camera with another button. You then approach the guards, pickpocket them and then try to move to the next room.

    Graphically this is of course a step up from the IOS roots it’s from, colours are brighter and the environments are better. The issue is that there is a clear lack in detail in both the facial and body models compared to other PS4 games. There is also a lack of close ups on the faces so we can understand the mood of Hope. Most of this game pans out in an isometric view which for me is fine and enjoyable, I can however see this as an issue for some gamers.

    There are a few technical issues with the cameras. They are your eyes and switching between them can get confusing, every time you move another camera view in changed but a lot of the time the view the game thinks you should have is the wrong one. There is also a lot of going back and forth here, some doors can’t be opened until you upgrade Hope’s software enough. There are also a few loading issues between camera switches. Finally because there is no mini map and objective markers, you need to constantly switch to the map and view where you need to go. This could have been avoided very easily.

    The sound is very good in République, the voice cast especially is great. Using some actors from Mass effect is also a great move as it’s instantly recognisable to most gamers. I have mostly enjoyed my time with République, the stealth is done well and the story progresses nicely. Each episode is left with a cliff hanger so you move on to the next quickly, the ending is not the best but all tighter as a package it’s good. The price is also fair for a short game, if you don’t have the IOS game then buy this version as this is more complete and polished.

    République- Review
    A pretty cool stealth game, with nice ideas but annoying cameras angles.
    Our Score6.5
    • Upgraded graphics, good stealth
    • Voice acting is great
    • The camera angles, the controls at times and the lack of facial details
    6.5Overall Score
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