• When RIME was first announced and The Last Guardian had yet to even release, people looked to it as a decent substitute to hold them over until it came out. The end result is that the Last Guardian eventually released before RIME could launch. This is because it went from PS4 exclusive to a multi-platform title, making the wait for it even longer.  I am nearly as excited about this game as to when I play Online Destiny Baccarat which is one my my favourite hobbies along with gaming. The result is a fun puzzle and exploration game, but maybe the game could have stayed in the oven just a bit longer.

    The story of RIME isn’t told by narration or voice acted dialog, but rather through the eyes of a boy that has washed up on an unfamiliar island, with lots of ruins and puzzles to solve. Of course, as you get through the game, it will become clearer that something else is going on here, and the boy’s journey isn’t quite what it seems. Many of the puzzles themselves involve the use of light, pushing blocks, hitting buttons or levers. There are also sound based puzzle that require the boy to yell at objects that react to his sound waves. The puzzles also get a bit more nuanced later in the game, usually involving the gimmick of the level. Thankfully there’s nothing too brain busting, and you have a fox spirit guide leading you to each main quest point to advance the story. Although, if you want to explore, there are plenty of extra secrets to uncover, which are linked to achievements/trophies on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. While the Switch version isn’t out yet, it’s unknown if there will be a built in trophy system of some kind for doing any of this extra stuff. There’s no combat, although you can fall into pits, get murdered, or drown. The only penalty for doing so is just respawning at the nearest checkpoint, usually denoted by the auto-saving icon.

    The game is about 8-10 hours long depending on how quickly you get through the puzzles, or stop to explore for collectibles. But the entire time throughout, you’ll see simple but colorful looking backdrops, accompanied by music that makes the journey magical. It’s also not hard to see why some people are making comparisons to the Team ICO games, as the general look, feel and mood of the game evoke such feelings. Even the boy somewhat resembles ICO’s protagonist in design. The only things about this game that are major drawbacks is that the controls are sometimes iffy, with the boy being unable to sprint anywhere. This is annoying since his max speed is a bit too slow for my liking. The other thing would be not knowing which ledges the boy can climb up on top of. The last real concern is the performance issues that permeate every version of the game. Even on the PC version of the game, you still won’t quite reach 60 frames, and due to the bad frame pacing, there will still be dips that are significant enough to cause lag. This has me worried about the port quality for the upcoming Switch version. Maybe if the team at Tequila Works spent a bit more time, they could have optimized the code to make the game run smoother before launching the product. One can only hope that the Switch version will have these issues fixed, and that the other versions will get a patch at that time. But even with these foibles, RIME is a great puzzle-platformer worth checking out.

    RIME - Review
    A fun 3D puzzle and exploration based game, with a nice, but sad story.
    Our Score8
    • The art direction is simple, but colorful.
    • There are a lot of secrets for those willing to explore.
    • The performance in every version of the game isn't optimized well.
    8Overall Score
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