• Racing on the water has not been something gamers have done for a while, but after playing Riptide on phones the next stage was to move to consoles. That’s exactly what we have here, the first console outing of this series. This is a very fun if slightly repetitive title, the water effects and overall graphics are fine. This is by means Forza on water graphically but it plays well and has some nice game modes. There is a story here as well, not an amazing one but still enough to warrant the races. Our racer has a rivalry with another street racer due to that fact that we were wrongly sent to prison. It’s up to us to gather a crew and get our name back, to take down that rival we need to take part in races to add crew members to our team.


    This is a quick game where the crafts handle well, they can all be customised with decals, colours and new riders. You can also tune them and increase their speed, handling, boost and acceleration levels. The more you race and win, the more you can unlock. Better crafts, more skilled riders and more detailed tricks await you. These tricks are simple to pull off but look great, if times correctly you will get a boost on your meter. The more tricks you do the better as you meter fills up and you can speed past the opponents.

    There are a few games modes here as well, including Elimination which is what it sounds like. Freestyle, race and my favourite the slalom races. Here you have to weave left or right depending on the gate. One aspect I didn’t enjoy was the fact that there are only 9 tracks, this game has a lot of races and only having 9 tracks can really make things stale. Probably the best way to play this game is with a friend or six. Local co-op is here and it’s a feature that benefits this game greatly. You can also play both on Xbox One and Windows 10, cross platform online as well. Let’s not forget the fact that this was a mobile game and such looked like it, this is a step up in graphics. The waves look great and the arenas themselves cope well with the fast speeds.

    Taken together this is a fun game, its fast and has some nice modes. Yes the tracks are minimalist and recycled for all the races. This should not take away from the fact that this was a mobile game and has made the transition to console gaming in a very real way. I’m happy to have this and to be able to review this title, give it a go if you are after a fast and frantic racing game on water.

    Riptide GP Renegade- Review
    A fast, frantic racer which has made a positive conversion onto consoles
    Our Score7.5
    • Fast and fun
    • Only has 9 tracks
    7.5Overall Score
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